Casino High Rollers

Are you a high roller Casino and slots player, looking for the ultimate place to stake as much of your hard earned as you desire? If the answer is yes, well we have the answer for you right here. We have teamed up with the mighty Virgin Casino and Slots stable, to set up a VIP area for high stake players.

This fantastic opportunity allows Online Slots and Casino fans to stake big bucks and take massive free sign up bonuses from the world renowned Virgin Casino. Virgin epitomises all that needs to be said in terms of trust security and fair play, playing at this fantastic Online Casino is no exception to the rule. Players can stake up to £3000 and get a whopping £1200 free. There are two smaller high roller options for Virgin Casino player, they come in at £600 and £350 Free respectively.

I have tested one of the options and it works well, the Virgin Casino is upper class just like Virgin Atlantic, these guys ooze class and I for one certainly love being treated the Virgin way. Another great reason to be a Casino High Roller at Virgin Casino is that anything you spend accumulates towards V points which can help you take your next trip away or spend in any part of Mr Branson’s ever growing empire.

The next step is to take a spin on the fantastic array of casino and slots games at Virgin Casino today, as a high roller casino player the world is literally your oyster. Enjoy and more importantly be lucky!

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