The History of Rainbow Riches

Rainbows have always occupied a near mystical place in the UK's cultural heritage, possibly because they are both rare and difficult to explain, although it's impossible to know for how long people have been aware of the link between sun, rain and the rainbow. It's pretty much a given that we'd have been aware of the link around the same time that Newton sat in his office, away from the famous apple-tree, playing with prisms. However, for a long time people in the UK have talked about a pot of gold hiding at the end or a rainbow, presumably located where the rainbow touches the ground. No one knows where this tale originated from, but even today people still repeat this myth as to date, no one has actually found the end of a rainbow.

The Leprechaun is a complex symbol that forms part of this pot of gold myth, and is one that is deeply set within British folklore. The Leprechaun seems to be an equivalent symbol or creature to a Pixie or a Faerie as such things might be called in English folklore. Leprechauns are the creatures responsible for allegedly moving the end of the Rainbow, in order to guard the pots of gold that lie there. However, if you're lucky enough to catch a Leprechaun, then you can demand that he take you to the pot of gold he's guarding. There's just one catch; if you let the Leprechaun out of your eyesight for just one second, then he can change into a cat or disappear leaving you empty handed and the pot of gold safe for another day.

Many people believe that the tale of a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, promising you riches beyond your wildest slot game dreams, is simply a metaphor for chasing something you can't have, as the end of any rainbow will move as you move, as you simply cannot ever find the end of a rainbow. This of course, isn't true in the Rainbow Riches games, where the stacked jackpot symbols together with the wide variety of bonus games mean you've got a very good chance of finding that metaphorical Pot of Gold.

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