How to Play Rainbow Riches Pots Of Gold Online

Rainbow Riches is now the UK's favourite slot machine, hands down. The Irish themed reels are spinning in clubs, pubs and computer rooms all around the country as people try to mine this carefully mathematically balanced for the trademark Rainbow Riches Leprechaun's gold.

Rainbow Riches Pots Of Gold

The bonus games on Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold may be a break from the reels fun, but these little distractions aren't going to ever pay you as well as the standard game will over time so it's best to concentrate on those spinning symbols if you're looking for the big time pay out. Pots of Gold features both wild symbols and stacked jackpot symbols, which means the game has the possibility to pay out many, many times the multipliers that are offered by the sub games.

Most people tell us the best way to play Rainbow Riches is to use an incremental wager system. When the machine starts, keep your stakes low so to play out the rounds where Pots of Gold's payout return percentage is set quite low. Then, so the theory goes, as the machine goes through non paying spins, the payout return percentage increases. If you can synchronise an increase in your stakes in accordance with this payout return percentage, then when the big reel combinations hit, you're playing the game with the higher stake meaning you'll get the big returns, although you won't have had to spend the big money getting the Pots of Gold machine into this paying state.

There are many slot machine systems for sale to keen slots players online, but don't waste your money on these generic ideas for making money from slots. We always say that if someone's got a perfect gambling system then why would they have any need to sell it?

Rainbow Riches Pots Of Gold Slot
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