Cleopatra Slot

We've focussed on the Irish themed slot machines of the many online casinos out there for some time now. Hence we decided to take a look at one of the best reel games that doesn't fit into this genre; the IGT killer slot Cleopatra. It's a massive hit with land based gamblers all over the globe and has been one of the top Las Vegas cabinet titles for a long time, thanks to its great blend of reel action and big bonus prize paying fun.

Sound And Graphics Of Cleopatra

Cleopatra is remembered as one of the hottest ladies from history, who was able to seduce both Marc Antony and Caesar with her charms, so you'd expect a slot machine that's named after her to be similarly good-looking. The Cleopatra slot doesn't disappoint. With its ornate golden reel art and desert themed background, this is definitely a fitting tribute to the queen of antiquity. The sonics are equally well polished with delightful vocals helping narrate the reel action in silky seductive tones.

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Cleopatra plays over twenty lines on five reels. Almost everyone in the Western World will be familiar with this classic casino slot format. Amongst serious slot heads Cleopatra is what's known as a low volatility game. This means that it pays out lots of small awards (as opposed to one or two big prizes) throughout any session and is one of the main reasons why players love this slot machine. It keeps your bankroll topped up at a good level.

The Cleopatra Wild Multiplier

The Cleopatra slot machine has to be famous for its wild multiplier. This trademark symbol not only has the power to substitute for any other symbol on the reels, barring of course the sphinx scatter, but can also double the value of your wins. That's not all either, as if you're lucky enough to hit a combination of five Cleopatra symbols across the reels then you'll receive this slot machine's top jackpot prize.

Cleopatra Slot

Bonus Spin Rounds

The Cleopatra free spin round is almost as legendary as the ancient queen well known all over online casinos as one of the best paying bonuses you'll find on any slot machine. All you have to do here is to stop in three of the bonus Sphinx scatters and you'll make your way onto the phenomenal second set of reels, which are even more chock full of wilds and bonus symbols. For the duration of this round, all wins are trebled, so if you can hit combinations in conjunction with the Cleopatra wild you could be looking at prizes that pay out at 6x their pay-table listed values.

What We Think

Cleopatra is one of the iconic games of the online casino era. Everybody knows it, or has heard of it, and thus it has a great following. It's one of those games you can feel safe playing and there’s a kind of friendly feel to its reels. You're never going to make a million spinning this slot machine's reels, but then you're never going to lose a fortune either. Cleopatra is a remarkable machine that will give you a decent rush and make you money, as long as you pick the right time to cash out.

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