Learn How To Play Rainbow Riches Win Big Shindig Online

WagerWorks have produced a follow up Rainbow Riches slot that offers bigger prize bonuses than the original Pots of Gold machine. We look at some of the strategies that can help you extract the big money from this excellent slot game, aptly named Win Big Shindig.

Rainbow Riches Win Big Shindig

Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold quickly became one of the UK’s best loved slot machines. Now, with every success these days there’s a sequel, with slot machines being one area where sequels are often equal to the original. This is certainly the case with Rainbow Riches as the successor slot to Pots of Gold; Win Big Shindig is really starting to attract the punters with its big money bonus game.

With Rainbow Riches Win Big Shindig you’re really looking to take the big prizes away from the bonus game. This is very different from the original Pots of Gold slot game where you’re really looking to stay on the reel game for the big money. The Win Big Shindig bonus game sees you transported to a second screen where you get to dance the Rainbow Riches Leprechaun round a series of gold, silver and bronze pots. Just like musical chairs, when the music stops which ever pot the Leprechaun is over is awarded to the player. This can even be the big prize of 250,000 x your original stake.

So the best way to get the big money out of Win Big Shindig is to adopt a strategy where you play at small stake values until you start to feel that the Win Big Shindig bonus round is going to hit. Once you’ve got that inkling that the sub game is in the post and arriving soon, then you can up your stake value so when you do hit the dancing leprechaun bonus the multiplier awarded by one of those gold, silver or bronze will be applied to a much higher stake value than the one you were playing with in the early parts of the game when you realised you had little chance of hitting the bonus game.

Rainbow Riches Pots Of Gold Slot
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