The Popularity Of Rainbow Riches

Where-ever you go in the UK, you're sure to find a Rainbow Riches slot machine. From your local pub, which may have a fruit machine version of this popular slot, to pool clubs and casinos that are more likely to house physical versions of your favourite Rainbow Riches online slots, this brand is simply everywhere over the UK. So, what is it that's made the Rainbow Riches slot so popular over the last ten years?

Firstly, the Rainbow Riches online slots are designed and produced by WagerWorks, who are without a doubt one of the top slot design companies in the world. Their slot games have become synonymous with the big casinos and gaming rooms all over the world and Rainbow Riches is a big part of the WagerWorks slot game catalogue.

One thing's for sure, any slot machine worth its salt has to prove its lastability over many games, and few slot games manage to garner any popularity with the public audience. We believe the fact that Rainbow Riches is now a household name in the UK proves the lastability and popularity of this fantastic slot machine series.

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