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Welcome to Rainbow Riches Slot. This is the one-stop website that gives you all the information you'll ever need to know about the fantastic Irish-themed Rainbow Riches slots. Alongside all this we're asking all our casino friends to put together some very special Rainbow Riches slot bonuses just for you. Play at our recommended casinos and share your experience on our Facebook group or send us a tweet. The beginners can refer to betting sider guide, which enlists the best betting platform that offers top odds, special offers, sports markets, bonuses, and more. This guide greatly helps beginners in choosing the right site before starting betting. You can read the bitcoin casino erfahrungen guide to gain a better notion of which online casinos to choose for making high profits. We'd love to hear your success stories of wins and spins on the fabled Rainbow Riches slots - and we wish you the very best of luck in your endeavors!

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Pots Of Gold

Play Rainbow Riches Pots Of Gold at Slotmine And Get £100 Free!

Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold is a straightforward adaptation of the original Rainbow Riches club and casino cabinet slot that caused all the fuss back in 2006. With three awesome bonus games, which could see you netting the top prize pot of 500x your activating stake, there's a lot to getting excited about when you're spinning its reels.

Win Big Shindig

Rainbow Riches Win Big Shindig Available Here Today

Rainbow Riches – Win Big Shindig was the first slot to be released onto the online stage back in 2009. With a gamble wheel game that sets it apart from the rest of the online slot machine crowd, together with the classic Rainbow Riches sound effects and graphics, this is a game you'll keep on coming back to time and time again.

Why We love Rainbow Riches Slot!

Try and cheat the Rainbow Riches Leprechaun

Rainbow Riches is now without question one of the most popular gambling games on the planet. On their own, these slot machines rival the amount of plays and money that's spent on other casino games such as Roulette and Blackjack. So why do people love these awesome slot machines so much?

We believe that the Rainbow Riches slot theme is a big part of the success, especially with the awesome Pots of Gold. This machine is the casino embodiment of the classic leprechaun myth. According to this legend if you can catch one of these little Irish folk, then you can force him to give you his pot of gold, located at the end of a rainbow, ensuring a lifetime of wealth and happiness in your future.

Why does this old time story hit strike such a chord with slot machine players? One of the reasons is down to the fact that most hardened Rainbow Riches slot players are big believers in luck. There are huge parallels to be drawn between the person who's fortunate enough to capture a leprechaun and rob them of their gold, and someone who manages to grab a massive win from the reels or bonus feature action in Pots of Gold.

Of course, the Rainbow Riches slot theme is only half the reason for the success of these awesome slots. The other part of the picture has to be the game-play and prizes on offer from these great games. With not one, but three top bonuses on offer from Pots of Gold, there's a ton of action just waiting to happen.

Pots of Gold is also a very well balanced machine. Whilst it doesn't offer players loads of huge prizes, which are all very difficult to hit, what it does instead is pay out lots and lots of medium sized prizes. This means that you're actually more likely to walk away from this game a winner than you are with some of the more flashy titles out there.

Win Big Shindig on the other hand packs one of the most interesting gamble game features we've ever seen. Whilst you can grab some big money from the reels, and there's load of prize potential in the bonus rounds, the thing that really keeps us hooked is the wheel of fortune gamble round, where you get to set your own odds. With both slots what you're looking at is a casino game series that manages to hit all the right switches and push the proper buttons. Every aspect of both of these online slot machines manages to capture the player's potential and has clearly been refining to bring the best out of both titles.

All that's left now is for IGT, the people behind the action on the Rainbow Riches slot reels, to produce more of these excellent slot machines and carry on wowing the gaming public with the fantastic artwork, game-play, wins and spins that this series has now become famous for.

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