Sands Of Fortune Slot

We’ve all heard the saying “He can sell sand to the Arabs” well here’s a slot game to enable you to make your fortune from the sand. The video slot, Sands of Fortune has become one of the most popular slots on the web. Play this game at Slotmine through this site and they will throw in a free exclusive offer of £250. Simply drop in the promo code of WINSLOTMINE when you sign up and deposit. The minimum deposit is 10p and maximum is £9. Like many others it is themed on Egyptian treasures and unlocking the Pharaohs gold. Match three symbols in this nine reel slot and you will be adding some serious cash to your bankroll. Reel symbols include the Pharaohs eye, scorpions and Egyptian Pyramids.

Sands of fortunes boast a relatively low number of reels and pay-out lines with 3 reels and 9 pay-out lines, however it does have a very rewarding pay-out structure for players if they hit their symbols. For example, hitting the jackpot symbol on line 5 pays out a whopping 25,000 your stake! Like all top tier slots, Sands of Fortune come with a special bonus round where if you are lucky your spin can get you some huge cash rewards.

Sands of Fortunes Treasure Hunt bonus round are executed when you match three bonus symbols on your spin. You will then unlock this bonus feature, which will take you on an actual treasure hunt! This bonus round will ask you to pick one of the Pharaohs corridors. Each corridor is either loaded with cash or a trap which will consequently end your round. This bonus is consecutive so if you keep hitting the cash corridors you will be asked to pick again and again till you hit one of the pharaohs traps. Finally there is also a unique bonus multiplier that comes in the shape of the Eye of Rah! Hit this symbol whilst playing in the bonus round and all your accumulated winnings will be multiplied by the indicated number!

I really like Sands of Fortune since it is one of the most entertaining slots on the online gaming scene, coupled with the fact that Slotmine offers a fantastic array of games and with so much choice of slots, and many of which being below calibre. I certainly recommend trailing this super slot out since it is easy on the eye and uncomplicated, a bit like me apparently! (Not) If the Arabs are taking too much of your loot, remember to walk away there’s always tomorrow.

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