Slotmine Deal Or No Deal Slot

If like me you are fed up with watching Noel Edmonds on the TV, and want to play Deal Or No Deal and win some real money, then look no further. There is an online version Deal Or No Deal Slot game which is fast becoming a worldwide phenomenon. It is easy to see why this casino game has become one of the most popular games in the online gaming sphere. To make the red boxes even more enticing, if you play down at through this site you can take an exclusive £250 free first deposit bonus, now that would make me tell Mr Edmonds he really is a banker!

Play is simple - pick one of the 26 boxes just like the TV show, play your luck and you could be taking down some big jackpots. Remember the bankers will phone you in between rounds to try to pay you out or to undercut your current stake. Stake from a minimum of £1 to a maximum of £1000 there are 6 rounds of betting with the final round being the final offer.

Game Payouts on Deal or No Deal vary according to your game initial stake of between £1 and £100, Jackpot payout is 10 times your stake, so if you do hit the final box you can expect the following jackpot payouts Stake £1 - Jackpot -£10 up to Stake £100 – Jackpot £1000, if you get my drift.

Jackpot rounds include jackpot tokens that appear nest to your box, if you get five of these tokens you will progress onto the Jackpot round where you will be able to reopen all 26 Deal or No Deal Boxes risk free and play for up to five times the jackpot amount. This may not be the highest rewarding casino game in the market, but it is one of the more popular and DOND is in Slotmine’s top 5 games.

Unlike many of the TV Games that have transferred themselves into the world of online casino, Deal or No Deal has not really strayed away from the TV format, which is a huge positive. The game itself is slick and easy to play. The bonus round is very simple unlike many of the complicated slots in the market today. I would certainly take a punt on the red boxes at Slotmine, even if it’s for a £1, it really is great fun. Always play the Deal Or No Deal Slot within your means.

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