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McIlroys Leprechaun Helper

Monday, August 8th, 2011

Rory McIlroy is the latest golfing sensation. He really set the world on fire when he stormed to a massive lead in the US Masters at Augusta. Unfortunately he fell apart on the last day under the massive pressure of being a relative unknown who’d been suddenly thrust onto the world. The only other player to have thrown away such a lead is Greg ‘The Great White Shark’ Norman, who took his performance straight of the film Tin Cup, where Kevin Costner’s character also manages to royally screw up one of the waterside holes at this epic golf course.

When McIlroy failed at Augusta, everyone was saying that it could take him years to recover from this hiccup and that it would take tremendous strength of character to come back from such a loss. Well apparently Rory believes in jumping straight back on the bike once you fall off, as only a few months later at the US Open he won first place, smashing a host of course records during his performance. Many people have cited amazing discipline and depth of personality as the reasons behind the young man’s comeback, but we believe that the golfer could actually have a leprechaun helper giving him advice as to how to play holes and drive.

If McIlroy does have a leprechaun helper, then it’s undoubtedly the leprechaun who features in both the Rainbow Riches slot games and his own aptly named Leprechaun’s luck slot. This plucky little fellow has always got a spring in his step and a smile in his voice, which would no doubt help Rory come back from disasters like his unfortunate meltdown when he was leading the pack in Augusta. They would also be great friends in victory, as you can imagine the fun you’d be able to have in the club house, drinking pints of Guinness and glasses of Paddy’s whiskey whilst Rory steps back to allow his little green friend to chat up the barmaids and tell stories to the good old boys.