Is the Rainbow Riches Leprechaun set for world domination?

August 5th, 2010

Many people think there will be some kind of massive world disaster in 2012. Allegedly governments know about this and have already been preparing for this eventually, such as the Norwegian parliament who has decided to build a seed bank of all plant life on the planet.

Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold hey ?

Who knows how this disaster will occur? Many people argue that it will be due to an alignment of the super massive black hole that sits in the centre of the Milky Way with the earth and the sun. Others argue that it will be an alien invasion that causes our destruction. However Ancient Irish texts, written by Leprechauns have been discovered this week that point to an entirely different scenario.

The Leprechaun Tracts, as these writings are known, predict the coming of the Rainbow Riches slot series in the early chapters. This prediction is obviously chillingly accurate as we’re now seeing Rainbow Riches slots, such as Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold and Rainbow Riches Win Big Shindig appearing all over the globe.

The prophecy predicts that one Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold machine will go on such a streak on the morning of December 21st 2012 that the amount paid out will collapse the world economy causing a panic that will make the Credit Crunch look like the Teddy Bears picnic. Not only will the world banking system collapse, but all the Leprechauns will be free from their shackles working in the Rainbow Riches slots and these cunning characters will loot all the remaining gold on the face of the earth to horde for their pots of gold.

One person will of course win all the money and come out of this experience to rule the world. Could you be that person? Well if that’s what you want then you better start practising on the Rainbow Riches Slot today and by practise I mean the Free Play Rainbow Riches option.

Sizzling slots offers from Kerching in August

August 4th, 2010

With August upon us, are we going to have time play online slots  or will be sunning ourselves either in the fabulous UK weather (er herm) or abroad? Well for those slots fans amongst us who will still be spinning the reels of fortune online, Kerching Casino is  offering some sizzling summer offers we wanted to pass on to all slots fans.

August Deals from Kerching

Monday’s belong to the millionaires of Monty’s, get a free £10 when you have a handle of £250 on Monty’s Millions Slot.

Tuesday’s are all about being cheeky £50 reload on all slots 25X Turnover don’t forget to Enter Promo Code CHEEKY, looks like Tuesday is the day for a spin on Rainbow Riches then !

Wednesday’s are Win Big you can get £10 free with a handle of £500 on Roulette.

Go hunting for the treasure on Thursday’s earn 15% Cashback on Treasures Of Troy and Capt. Quids Treasure Quest, up to £150.

Get an extra little spring in your step and get all shook up for the weekend with with a reload bonus on the King up to £200 smackers, on Elvis Multi-Strike and A Little More Action, and the promo code is as you would probably have guessed ELVIS.

I hope you enjoy taking advantage of the Kerching Slots promotions this month, if the weather is good then i may have to take my laptop into the garden just for a little taste of the reels. I’m not sure i could go a whole month with out my Rainbow Riches fix.

Kerching slots are keen advocates of playing games responsibly.

A new meaning to Gambling in the comfort of your own home?

July 27th, 2010

I was reading an interesting article the other day that apparently online gamers play so, due to the fact that they need to alleviate the boredom and escape unwanted visitors. I nod in agreement, also I do it because I would rather make some cash to go and neck a few pints of Guinness.

Suits him

I then read further on and realised that playing Casinos at home has just gone to sheer stupidity level, Chelsea and England footballer (Or should I just say Chelsea footballer) Ashley Cole has an actual Casino in his house with table games including roulette, Blackjack and Baccarat and even slots machines including Elvis and Rainbow Riches.

He used his Casino to escape from his ex Mrs’ mother, hmmm do I comment here, erm nope I’m strictly getting splinters in my backside on the fence here.

I have a pretty bitter taste writing this as I am riddled with envy, I would be like the proverbial Shark in charge of a swimming pool with an actual Casino in my house. I think I will stick to just playing online and the odd night out at a Casino, the beauty of playing my favourite slot Rainbow Riches online, at least allows me to set daily spending limits and I can also play for free, if  I’m having a bad run.

Ashley Cole does constantly pester me for a lads night in at his,  but you’ll often hear me on the phone to him  saying “ Look Ash I’m just not interested in playing a grand a spin on Elvis or Rainbow Riches I’ll stick to my 5p stakes mate but thanks anyway”

I guess I’ll toddle off to try my luck at one of the operators we feature on our site with my small stakes and keep myself locked away in the front room from any family and  WAGS.

May be Ashley is a true advocate of the Rainbow Riches Cheats theory ? Did i really say that !!!!!

A note to all of our female fans including CJ the boss and our lovely Alice, the exact opposite applies to the above and Cheryl is queen !!!!

Oh if someone could tell Ashley Cole to gamble responsibly the next time they see him.

Even footballers need to take note of that advice.

Blackjack hits the new Ipad for 21

July 25th, 2010

Blackjack has always been one of the most popular casino table games. Players often feel that they can get an edge on the house by card counting, working out what cards are left in the deck giving them an advantage in working out whether or not they are likely to bust out. There are many brilliant online casinos where you can test your skills at Blackjack and other table and slots games, including Baccarat, Roulette and the ever popular Cleopatra, Wolf Run and the Rainbow Riches Slot.

Apples New Ipad

If you’re the type of player who prefers purely silicon opposition then there’s a new title on Apple’s iPad that may just suit you. Blackjack for iPad is the new title from Mobilityware. Although this game lacks the things you’d find as standard in a casino, such as other players, this game is reportedly good for card counting practice as the game uses a casino style shoe arrangement with which to deal the cards from. As you’d expect this is the casino version of blackjack made a little fresher by the fact that you can tap on the screen to make your decisions, allowing for a fast, free flowing action game. This game sees you sitting down with a thousand dollar stake to play against the house. Whilst that might not seem like too much it does give you a chance to really polish up your blackjack skills before going off to break the bank at Monte Carlo.

The great news for Casino fans, with the evolution of technology is that there are so many options available to play your favourite games. You can play our favourite Rainbow Riches on your mobile at Kerching Casino and some of their other great slots games.

The world is your oyster for games these days. I’m not sure if playing games on my phone or Ipad is quite stable enough just yet, I’m still more inclined to head to a casino or get my laptop out for a joust on the table and slots games.

Baccarat Players win in Vegas Casinos not Online

July 22nd, 2010

According to official sources many table game players still prefer the big lights and noise gaming experience to that offered by online casinos. Even though online casinos offer a brilliant selection of slots including Cleopatra, Da Vinci Diamonds and the thoroughly lucrative Irish Gem Rainbow Riches Slot, with table games including blackjack, roulette, pai-gow poker and baccarat, it’s a hard job prizing players away from the hustle and bustle of the traditional gaming halls. Recent stats may also shed light on another reason as to why it’s so hard to tempt players away from casinos like Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, as players seem to be up on the casinos there.

According to a recent report players of the popular casino table game baccarat have been so lucky in past months that their skill at the table has resulted in a 4.7% drop in gaming profits in Nevada. Although in all casino games the percentages are tipped in favour of the house in many games these margins are so small it possible for casinos to have a bad run, just like an unlucky player, losing hundred of thousands of dollars. This is why every casino in the state of Nevada has to have very good backers to absorb these losses.

If we were to put a monetary value on the amount won by US baccarat players it would be around $61 million. This proves that you can go out there and beat the casinos, making it big from gambling. Of course, this isn’t going to happen to everyone and you should be aware of the losses that can happen to you gambling, but hell, isn’t it about time someone warned you about all the money you could also win?

Whether you are playing Baccarat or Rainbow Riches at a land based Casino or Online, we highly recommend that you play responsibly, the beauty of playing online is you almost always get to play for free too.

Is London heading for a new Casino?

July 20th, 2010

Gamblers in London and the surrounding areas will be delighted to know that London will be getting a new venue where they can play table games, such as baccarat, roulette and blackjack alongside all their favourite themed slots and fruit machines, as plans for the London Hippodrome to be converted into a twenty four hour casino have been approved this week. This is fantastic news for us Rainbow Riches Slots fans don’t you think ?

The London Hippodrome

The London Hippodrome has hosted some of London’s greatest entertainers since around 1900 with all manner of big names playing at this top venue. However, in recent years the building has been unoccupied, sitting in central London without rhyme or reason for its existence. However, this is all about to change as property developer and possible casino table game gambler Simon Thomas is about to splash out a massive £30 million on refitting the old building into a glitz and glam destination for the quickly growing masses of capital city gamblers.

The casino, which should hopefully be finished in mid 2011 will feature three floors of gaming delights together with everything you’d expect in a Las Vegas casino. You’ll be able to drink until the early hours as well as visit restaurants and watch shows that are comparable to those that take place in Nevada’s gambling capital. This should be a great asset to the city of London and bring the UK’s capital into line with the rest of the gambling world.

If this proposal definitely goes ahead we are sure to be spoilt for choice of where to play our beloved Rainbow Riches Slot. Oh well it’s better to have too much choice rather than non eh, plus we have the added bonus of having a night out with friends at the Casino and then Sneaking off home to get another Rainbow Riches fix online.

Same rules apply both online and land based, Play Casino and Slots games responsibly.

Sky Vegas Weekend Slots offers

July 16th, 2010

The Sky Vegas boys are reaching the heady heights by really looking out for their players, so we in turn want to shout about it as we will be flying off to test some games and bag some free money, i said bag not blag, although we may be able to blag, we will talk about that later.

Here are this weekends offers from Sky Vegas Slot:

Cash back weekends are back by popular demand, all new players signing up this weekend can earn up to 25% on Sky Vegas casino games.

More great news you Can boost your bank roll on selected games by 25% too.

Don’t forget that new customers are in with a chance of earning a free £150 deposit bonus and an extra £150 based on the first months activity.

If you are looking to play the Rainbow Riches Sky Vegas version, you can get a few bolt on bonuses for your troubles, you can always forget all of the bonuses and play Slots for free, you never know you may be able to blag yourself one of the so called Rainbow Riches Cheats, or top bonus features as it should really be known.

Whatever you decide this weekend, Happy Spinning and as always please play slots responsibly.

Rainbow Riches The Leprechaun holds the Gold

July 13th, 2010

One of the mechanisms used in the Rainbow Riches online slot series is a Leprechaun who dances his way round Pots of Gold, revealing riches and prizes galore for the player. There has always been a link between Leprechauns and gold and perhaps that’s what led geologists to name a particularly rich gold deposit after this mystical creature, just south of Buchans in Canada.

It seems this Leprechaun is particularly rich and surveyors now believe that the Marathon PGM company are now very close to striking it rich in deep seam of gold. Alongside the considerable surface gold that has been obtained by drilling, it also appears there are some deep deposits of gold that could be reached by multiple drills. We can only speculate as to how much gold is in this deposit and what it will be worth on the world stage, but one thing is for sure and that’s Canada has consistently proved one of the best resources in the world for mineral and oil deposits.

Marathon PGM is working hand in hand with Mountain Lake Resources in order to mine the rich source of wealth within the Leprechaun deposit. The whole project is contained within a bigger venture in Canadian mining known as the Valentine Lake gold project.

If you like to increase the amount of gold in your pocket, then you could try the fantastic Rainbow Riches slots. You can take the reels for a spin for free play and learn all the elements of the Cheats, hints and tips of the Irish Dancer.

Please check out our new Rainbow Riches Slot Facebook page and become a fan and we will keep you up to date with all that’s Rainbow Riches.

Colorado Man is a Rainbow Riches Leprechaun?

July 12th, 2010

The question of whether or not Leprechauns truly exist came no closer to being answered today although a man in Colorado in the US put in a damn good attempt to fool us all into believing that the Irish little folk could be real.

Leprechauns, which are a big feature in the Rainbow Riches slot games series, Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold and Rainbow Riches Win Big Shindig, are not believed to be real. Many people have claimed to see such creatures alongside other pixies and faeries but most have either been hoaxers or have been on the sauce at the time of their so called encounter. However our man in Colorado decided to change all that when he jumped out at strangers in a shopping centre car park.

Perhaps our man in Colorado had been drinking as according to victims of this strange prankster activity he had been firing spells out of his fingers at innocent bystanders. Fortunately for the bystanders this man had absolutely no real magic in him and his digitally based enchantments had no effect on the outside world other than their alerting of US law enforcement agencies to his behaviour, which later led to his arrest that day.

We can only imagine as to what the police said to this man during their interview, but one thing’s for sure, we bet they didn’t push him for the location of his pot of gold.

If you want to indulge your love of Leprechauns without challenging any legal bodies then perhaps one way of doing this could be a spin on the Rainbow Riches slots.

Sky Vegas launches a Little Devil of a Slot machine

July 9th, 2010

Sky Vegas has just launched a rather cheeky new slot machine, it is aptly named Little Devil

The way that this machine is set up is fantastically rare and a new concept, it’s a 5 reel 20 line slot machine and instead of triggering a feature via the symbols on the reels it actually has a countdown telling the player when the feature is going to happen, pretty impressive eh?

We obviously love playing Rainbow Riches at Sky Vegas, however as avid slots fans we would not want you to miss out on the opportunity of playing new games. We mentioned yesterday that Rainbow Riches is the number one game in the Sky Vegas portfolio, however after taking this Little Devil for a spin I can tell you that it will not be long before this little chancer is up there amongst the greats.

You can play this slot machine from 1p to £500 for a chance to win up to £250,000, the free spin bonus offer triple awards, the Fireball bonus is hot with opportunities to win massive cash prizes.

For more information on this new slot machine from Sky Vegas check out our review page and please remember to always slots online within your means.

Happy Spinning

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