Betfair Arcade Punter Scoops A Pharaoh’ld Prize Pot

Hi there guys, there is some amazing news coming out of Betfair Casino headquarters today. On Tuesday evening one lucky punter managed to use up all their new year wishes in one mammoth hit. A 65 year old man from sunny Lancashire logged on to Betfair Arcade and spun a cheeky £4 on the Pharoah Treasure game. The lucky fella then managed to scoop a handsome sum of £217,000.

According to sources at Betfair Arcade the jackpot had been brewing for a while and it was only a matter of time before the money banks burst.

The jackpots are still sitting at over £1.4 million in jackpots at Betfair Arcade, if it’s Pharaoh Treasure or a little rainbow riches action you’re looking for this coming weekend, It looks like Betfair is the place for our lucky coins.

Happy spinning folks !