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Battle of the Leprechauns

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

Apparently Sky Vegas have decided to find out who is king of the little green men. No, they are not infiltrating the US military-industrial establishment to make some of the captured extra-terrestrials go toe to toe on the cobbles, but rather pitting the best of slot game leprechauns in a battle of the slots.

That’s right, they’ve decided to see if Leprechaun’s Luck has got what it takes to river-dance his way to the top of the podium, or if housewife’s favourite Rainbow Riches can hang on to its place as the champion Irish themed game.   So what does this mean for you, lucky Joe, the eternal punter looking for a bonus to ramp up your balance and then tarmac the drive of your winnings? Well (and not the wishing kind) choose your favourite slot out of Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold or the fabulous Leprechaun’s Luck  Slot, and spin it all week. Then, in the manner of a barman they’ll tot up the tab and the players of the machine with the most spins will all go into a prize draw where they could see themselves snag a cool two grand.

So where’s your allegiance? Are you happy to see the Rocky of slot games stand out as a persistent number one, or Rainbow Riches reigning over all? Perhaps you would you prefer the charms of Leprechaun’s luck.

In order to enter the competition there’s a few steps you’ll have to follow so be sure to read all the rules to make sure you qualify.

We hope to see you by the reels of these machines, because we know who we’re behind and we can’t wait to see our boy demolish the competition.

Sky Vegas Slots Player Scoops £2.6m Jackpot

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

Woweeeeee I can hardly contain my excitement for the luckiest man in the North East. For Mr David Robson was playing the Sky Vegas progressive jackpot slot game Millionaire’s Club and became a millionaire overnight.

David staked just 90p playing this fantastic game last Friday evening. David looked away after hitting the bonus round, knowing he was on a winner  and then shrieked with joy and amazement when he realised he had scooped £2.6 mil.

Apparently David was living with his parents and is now buying them a new house and of course himself a nice shiny new one too.

I just love sharing the amazing news of slots winners, although when is it going to happen to me?????

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Who knows where the next David Robson is ?

Play Sky Vegas Casino And Slots This Weekend For Free

Friday, May 20th, 2011

Ladies and Gents if you are looking for a little light relief this weekend, then it’s worth swinging by Sky Vegas Casino for bit of games action. Sky Vegas Casino is offering players the opportunity to play any of their online collection of Casino and Slots games for absolutely nothing, yes I’m serious Free, Gratis and Zilch No wonga required. You can play with a Free £5 and no deposit is required.

Another fantastic offer that keeps these boys apart from the rest right now is their fantastic bonus offer, you can win up to £500 Free with Sky Vegas which is definitely one of the best free first deposit offers anywhere on the web right now.

Sky is a brand we all know and trust and their games division is no exception, with quality games and fantastic customer support all in a safe online environment, you can’t go wrong with Sky Vegas.

You can play our favourite slot Rainbow Riches or take on the fantastic new Robocop game, the list of games is endless.

Don’t take my word for it take the SkyVegas reels for a spin yourself for free or for real!

Play the Deal or No Deal Slot game take the Bankers Riches

Friday, January 21st, 2011

We have already seen a massive number of Deal or No Deal gambling games, from the pub quiz boxes through to the fruit machines and there is a Deal or No Deal theme to most Saturday night out gambling. It should come as no surprise then that the slot manufacturers have also jumped on this hugely popular game show producing another Deal or No Deal slot game with this new themed slot encompassing the cash offer aspect of Noel Edmunds fronted TV show.

Deal or No Deal: The Bankers Riches features a standard set up of twenty pay-lines across five reels. The game features famous icons of the TV game show accompanied by the usual poker symbols, with combinations paying for two or more symbols. The Deal or No Deal symbol forms the game’s wild and the rest of the game’s scatters give access to the bonus games which include a free spin game and a Banker’s Best Offer bonus game where the player is offered ten different multipliers (from 1 to 20x) on their stake, one by one and must use their judgement to select the best one.

On top of all of this there are three progressive jackpots available to players of Deal or No Deal: The Bankers Riches, which you qualify for by playing all twenty lines. The level of stake you play at then controls which of the three multilevel jackpots you’ll receive. These progressive jackpots can be won from the Deal or No Deal Slot jackpot game that sees you playing a version of the classic TV show, where you’re picking boxes in an attempt to gain a great prize. This is a superb, fun slot game that’s now available at the award-winning Sky Vegas casino and even if you’re not a big time gambler, we’d suggest that this slot game is more than worth a go on free-play.

Net the big wins with the Lord of the Ocean slot

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

Ride on the crest of a winning wave with this new slot game from Novamatic as you fish out the big wins with the Lord of the Ocean slot.

For some reason we see a lot of slot games with an aquatic theme, perhaps because so many casinos as located near water, such as those in Monte Carlo or America’s second gambling town, Atlantic city. One new slot game that features a water jist is the Lord of the Ocean slot, from up and coming slot designers Novamatic that’s just been made available at the

Lord of the Ocean is a ten line slot that features some of the worst audio we’ve ever heard in a slot game, but don’t worry, once you’ve turned this off you’ll notice how naturally relaxing the nautically themed reels can be, which allows you to really get into this slot game. The game features ten reels of fast acting fun with reel symbols based on the classic poker slot motifs alongside some undersea icons including the great god of the waves, Neptune himself.

The reel game is backed by a great little free spin game that offers a variant on the traditional multiplier versions of this bonus. The wild symbol expands for the duration of the free spin round to occupy more reel space, which in turn will give you bigger and better combinations. Overall whilst this slot won’t win any awards for innovation, it’s a good solid reel game that won’t push any slot players overboard with convoluted bonuses or oversized max bets. It’s fair to say that you will have a whale of a time playing this fantastic slot game.

We would certainly recommend that you take this intriguing game for a spin down at Sky Vegas Casino, where you can play with a Free £5 no deposit and be in with a chance to take home a fantastic £500 Welcome Bonus.

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Win prizes worth over £10,000 playing slots online at Sky Vegas

Friday, December 17th, 2010

I’m running out of superlatives for Sky Vegas right now. They have been a sleeping giant until recently and it seems like someone has severely rattled their cage, Sky Vegas has woken up and smelt the Slots coffee for sure.

To get the ball rolling, or should i say the reels, not only are Sky Slots offering  their £5 Free No Deposit Offer and a Free £500 Welcome Bonus, now they have the audacity to offer slots players the option to win over £10,000 in prizes with a fantastic Road to Vegas promotion.

Road to Vegas, gives players the option to earn points from playing slots games at Sky Vegas. You can speed your way down the Vegas strip, picking up points along the way, and the chance to bag the ultimate in prizes for any slots fan, yes you have guessed it,  a VIP trip to Vegas for 2 worth a fantastic £1500, try stopping me from getting involved in this one.  I have been to Vegas once before 3 years ago and i NEED to get back lol.

This promotion from Sky Vegas gives us plenty of other options for winning. With four more bonus destinations available, including a trip to Paris for 2 and thousands of pounds to be won in other prizes. Sky offer a fabulous array of slots games including the Rainbow Riches Sky Vegas games, which of course i play at all the time.

You can of course play other fantastic slot machine games, including Monopoly, Bejeweled, Cops and Robbers and the stunning Cleopatra Slot Machine. Sky Vegas are setting up a website to allow players to keep track of their progress, with 25 points to be gained by staking £5 or more each day or by getting involved in the bonus booster, which will be sent via e-mail, website and social media communications.

This is one online slots competition not to be missed, don’t forget to click through to Sky Vegas below to be in with a chance of a trip of a life time to Vegas.

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You are busting my bricks with the new Jenga slot game

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

Following closely on the heels of slot games such as Cubis, Bejewelled and Da Vinci Diamonds, this slot sees you looking to lose the traditional game and topple the tower for the bonus free plays.

In recent years internet gambling has opened up the world of slots to some radical ideas in reel games. Some games like to stick to the reel based format and others quite simply don’t and one of these latter slot games is Jenga, which is based on the block stacking game that’s been popular now for almost two decades.

This slot is very simple; you hit the play button and a Jenga stack appears in the centre of the playing area, made up of different colours of bricks. If all the blocks in one level are made up of the same colour this counts as a combination, as do any blocks that appear touching the three activating blocks in a chain. Once the prizes of all the chains are calculated, blocks from each winning level are exploded and re-piled back on top of the original Jenga stack. Of course, this sometimes makes the stack over balance and collapse. In the event of this happening you’re awarded a free play, so you’re always hoping to score enough chain wins to overbalance the tower.

This game is very similar to the Rubik’s Cube slot game and Slots Box, the Tetris based slot and is highly enjoyable. Whilst these slot games will never replace the traditional reel rollers, they’re more than worth their money for a couple of hours play.

Play Jenga slot game at Sky Vegas along with the chance to play our favourite Rainbow Riches game with the opportunity to take a £500 Free Welcome Bonus!

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Reach for the Dizzy Heights Of Sky Vegas with £500 Free

Thursday, November 25th, 2010

It’s not very often we are gob smacked down here at Rainbow Riches Slots towers, however on this occasion Sky Vegas can really hold their heads in the clouds.

Sky Vegas Slots are offering their players an opportunity to bag an astonishing £500 Free Welcome Bonus. What’s even more impressive, is that Sky are offering a totally Free £5 No Deposit option too, so you can test the reels of Rainbow Riches with a free fiver, luvvly jubbly as the leprechaun would say, oh no that’s a different person in a funny hat and coat. Oh well you get my gist and my exhilaration all in one. You can of course play other fantastic slots at Sky Vegas, however I’m only interested in the 3 variants of the Rainbow Riches Slot Machine on offer at present.

Here’s how to claim your welcome bonus at Sky Vegas Slots.

The Sky Vegas welcome bonus comprises of 3 components.

1. Take home a Free £5 No Deposit Required, available to all players who register and enter PROMO CODE WELCOME this is for anyone who registers and enters the promo code it does not matter if you have deposited or staked. One thing to note is this promo expires after 30 days, so ensure you don’t miss out.

2. If you stake £25 you can grab a £10 Bonus dropped into your account within 72 hours.

3. Earn up to £500 as a Welcome Bonus – After point 2 every time a player stakes £25 Sky Vegas gives you a £1 bonus up to £500.

You will get your bonus within the normal 72 hours.

Don’t forget you only have 30 days upon entering the promo code WELCOME to qualify for points 2 & 3.

Best of luck and hope you reach the dizzy heights of a £500 Bonus from Sky Vegas Slots.

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Rainbow Riches Casino experience

Monday, October 25th, 2010

I had a funny experience playing Rainbow Riches at a Casino the other night, I went to visit some friends, I will not go into detail as per location at this stage, however it was a big city in the North West of England with a casino slap bang in the middle of the city centre. (Can you guess where  it is yet Rolf ?)

We rocked up at 23.00 I played a little Blackjack some roulette and won a little, in the corner of my eye i could see the little Irish fella winking at me, I could  hear his dulcet tones ringing across the floor “Welcome to Rainbow Riches” as you probably have guessed, I could not resist his charms, i needed my fix and had to Play Rainbow Riches.

I went over and inserted a crisp £20, it’s very cool how you can stick a note in a casino machine these days rather than rummaging through your pockets to find a bent 50p piece i guess.

To cut a long and probably boring story short, I ended up playing with £40 from my previous winnings, I did not get one feature and this was playing Rainbow Riches Pots Of Gold, I am a true advocate in supporting the land based casinos but this rankled me slightly, not one measly feature, OK i had a few glasses of wine with the girls but nothing to excess, i would have definitely noticed a Rainbow Riches bonus feature when i see one.

I’d be interested to know if  anyone else has had such a bad run in a land based casino?  i mean not one feature come on, like the Murphy’s I’m not bitter honest………

I’m going to steer clear of land based casinos and stick to playing Rainbow Riches Slots online for a while, the payout percentages are better online too. It’s always great to play my favourite slot wherever i am,  but I’m sure to take the laptop and stay in the comfort of my hotel room next time lol.

When will we see more Rainbow Riches Slots?

Saturday, October 9th, 2010

So far WagerWorks have produced two brilliant Rainbow Riches slots, Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold and Rainbow Riches Win Big Shindig. These two slots both represent the epitome in easy eyed slot game design, backed with a ferociously good gaming mechanic that will literally keep players coming back for that one last spin, with the warm sunshine smile of lady luck falling upon the fortunate few.

Now, we’re all gamblers here and don’t we gamblers love to try to predict the future. Now we believe that there must be more Rainbow Riches slots in the WagerWorks pipeline as we’ve seen a massive growth in the proliferation of the Rainbow Riches brand across the pub fruit machine market here in the UK. It seems to us that WagerWorks are perhaps trying to make Rainbow Riches synonymous with slot and fruit gaming in the UK; if so, what a good job they’re currently doing.

It’s not enough these days to merely provide a blanket market saturation and hope that your mediocre table game, slot machine or fruity will pull in the punters.

We’re dealing with a savvy gaming audience in the UK now who’re used to internet casinos, gambling shops and slot machines all in their myriad forms. People now have a greater expectation on games not only in terms of good payouts, but most are also looking for a good time feel whilst they play. Both Rainbow Riches slots really have that magic factor that just makes them intensely fun to play, making them a massive hit with the UK gaming public.

It can only be a short time before we see another Rainbow Riches Slot Machine on the stage, it’s a certainty that Wagerworks need to up their game with Microgaming rolling out fantastic new games off their production line at an alarming rate, just look at one of their most recent epics The Lord Of The Rings Slots game as a statement of intent, it’s a sure bet these two software giants have got what it takes when it comes to producing awesome games for all online slots fans.

I’m looking forward to what the next six months has in store, that’s for sure.