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Check out the Latest Paddy Power Casino and Slots Winners

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

Hello fellow Rainbow Riches players, I have just been trawling through the Paddy Power Casino list of winners and wanted to make the world aware that Online Slots players can occasionally win big prizes.

Here is a list of  lucky recent winners from the guys at Paddy Power Casino, I’m sure you’ll agree there are some pretty meaty amounts here, albeit no lucky Rainbow Riches winners lol, however we live in hope.

DI from Cheshire won £269,377 on Roulette with hot streak bonus.

CB from Belfast won £11,197 on 100,000 Pyramid & Wild wolf slots.

MS from London won £11,014 on Roulette.

KT from Basingstoke won £10,580 on Roulette.

SJ from Middlesbrough won £10,418 on Blackjack, 100,000 Pyramid, Arabian Riches.

Don’t forget if you sign up to play at Paddy Power Casino they’ll throw in a 100% sign up bonus up to £150, I’ve also heard a whisper Paddy is generously increasing his sign up offer soon.

Watch this space for more information!!

Play Sky Vegas Casino And Slots This Weekend For Free

Friday, May 20th, 2011

Ladies and Gents if you are looking for a little light relief this weekend, then it’s worth swinging by Sky Vegas Casino for bit of games action. Sky Vegas Casino is offering players the opportunity to play any of their online collection of Casino and Slots games for absolutely nothing, yes I’m serious Free, Gratis and Zilch No wonga required. You can play with a Free £5 and no deposit is required.

Another fantastic offer that keeps these boys apart from the rest right now is their fantastic bonus offer, you can win up to £500 Free with Sky Vegas which is definitely one of the best free first deposit offers anywhere on the web right now.

Sky is a brand we all know and trust and their games division is no exception, with quality games and fantastic customer support all in a safe online environment, you can’t go wrong with Sky Vegas.

You can play our favourite slot Rainbow Riches or take on the fantastic new Robocop game, the list of games is endless.

Don’t take my word for it take the SkyVegas reels for a spin yourself for free or for real!

Just who is the Rainbow Riches leprechaun?

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

Everyone recognises the famous Rainbow Riches leprechaun, who appears on all Rainbow Riches fruit machines and slots including the top online slots, Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold and Rainbow Riches Win Big Shindig. IGT, the manufacturers of these great reel games has never given us so much as an inkling as to the real identity of this hard working faerie creature, so we decided to ask, just who is the Rainbow Riches Leprechaun?

During the 1990s our TV sets were attacked by a leprechaun who was working for Nestlé’s Lucky Charms. We can be pretty sure that this is a different leprechaun to the one working for IGT, as this breakfast cereal leprechaun, whose catchphrase was “they’ll do anything to get their hands on my lucky charms” was clearly a little insane and not very cool, whilst the Rainbow Riches leprechaun is so cool he’s practically the LL Cool J of leprechauns, where the LL stands for leprechaun leprechaun.

It’s much more likely that the Rainbow Riches leprechaun is the same one that’s featured in the Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror Halloween special. This little green man is an angry, feisty, hard drinking type who clearly knows how to handle himself and isn’t worried about people stealing his cereal. With this no nonsense attitude he would be able to handle drunk punters and those looking to rip off his slot machines.

Like all leprechauns however he would be bound by the pot of gold myth, and would have to offer anyone who was brave and clever enough to win any of the bonus games on the Rainbow Riches slot his pot of gold from the end of the rainbow.

If you feel brave enough to take on the reely cheeky leprechaun in his own back yard, you can do so with an exclusive free bonus offer from Virgin Casino, courtesy of our fast becoming famous Rainbow Riches site.

Virgin Casino exclusive Free £150 Rainbow Riches Offer join now

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

Virgin Casino have been so pleased with the loyalty shown by our Rainbow Riches players, with this in mind their Slots manager approached us and said we would love to offer all new players through, an exclusive Free £150 first deposit sign up bonus.

We are delighted to accept this imperious offer from our friends at Virgin Slots, we have had a fantastic relationship with Virgin over the past 2 years and it is a true testament to them, they have listened to us and want to help the players earn more free money.

Don’t worry if you are not a new player, keep playing through and Virgin Casino will offer some of the most fantastic player promotions every day for Rainbow Riches players.

Please remember this offer is exclusive to all followers of our site Click Here to sign up now!

Slotmine Casino February Special Slots Promotions

Friday, February 4th, 2011

We have been getting on really well with Slotmine Casino just recently, they are slowly but surely coming round to our way of thinking. In light of this we are proud to announce their February slots promotions.

This February are giving away an Xbox Kinect with the most popular Kinect games available to one of their lucky players, in Slotmines February Kinect tournament. As you may know the Xbox Kinect was one of the most sought after presents last Christmas, so if you did not get what you wished for last  Christmas, why not try your luck and see if you land the Kinect, all you have to do is play on any of Slotmines slots. Plus have also added a cool £160 in extra value to the tournament prize pool.

The Slotmine February Kinect tournament structure is as follows:
- 1st prize: Xbox 360 with a Kinect plus a couple of games

- 2nd prize: £50

- 3rd prize: £30

- Hot spot prizes: 1 x £20, 1 x £20, 1 x £20 and 1 x £20

Slotmine Valentines Free Cash Gifts

This may not be the most romantic of promotions for to host on the 14th of February (keep that date in mind) – but it is a good promotion nevertheless and we do think it’s a nice little Valentine’s day promo. Slot players, who login and wager on any Slotmine slots on the 14th of February will be automatically entered into a  prize draw to win £150…free £10’s and £5’s straight cash in your account, not bonus money! Again we must reiterate that this is not the most romantic of promos, by an online casino, however it’s always nice to get a free tenner or fiver from  a casino with no strings attached!

So let’s get involved and play our favourite Rainbow Riches slots amongst other slots game down at today.

Click here to Play at Slotmine Casino today and win these fabulous prizes!

Maurice DPledge joins Rainbow Riches Facebook group

Monday, January 17th, 2011

Maurice DPledge joins Facebook Rainbow Riches group

This week, famous slot reviewer Maurice DPledge has joined our Facebook group.

This group, a portal for the best advice on casinos, slot play and leprechauns is still in its infancy and D’Pledge has been brought on board to add to the magic.

Maurice D’Pledge’s background is in human psychology, spirituality and mathematics and as a result he quickly gave up the academic world for a career as an international slots god. Some thousands of playing hours later D’Pledge has become an expert on reel games and can tell a smelly slot game from a reel winner in seconds. He has a special interest in the new school slot games of the moment such as Slotblox and Jenga and can currently be found most days churning away at the high energy reels of the excellent Rubik’s Cube game. His true love however is for the fast paced casino style slots that represent the epitome in current slot gaming as his favourite two slot games are Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold and the impressive Cleopatra slot.

When we approached Maurice D’Pledge for a comment, he told us “I enjoy slot games immensely not only for the fun of winning money, but also for my absolute love of beating casino slot bonus games. I studied mathematics and whatever you want to say about odds and percentages, I’d say that people damn well know what makes a good, fun slot and that’s the angle I’m coming from. Slot games are fun because of the unpredictable elements and the fact you’ve got a chance of hitting a big win. Many of my mathematical peers used to tell me that gambling was a waste of time, so I used to tell them to shut up as I was already enjoying myself far too much playing Cleopatra, however  I am now converted to Rainbow Riches for sure”

Learn more about MD, as we affectionately address him on the face book page here

Virgin Casino and Slots 12 days of Christmas extravaganza

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

It’s the time of year to spread  a bit of Online gaming festive cheer, the team at Virgin Casino are happy to look after us avid gaming fans by laying on a Christmas treat with their 12 days of Christmas online casino promotions.

Play all of your favourite Online Casino, Slots and other games, including the majestic Rainbow Riches,  to be in with a chance of bagging a special prize just in time for the holy day. Virgin Casino are giving away a massive 50 prizes, including Xboxes, Flights and entertainment systems. You can also stock up on your V Points and spend them anywhere within the Virgin group that accepts them.

If you are feeling lucky and want to earn a little extra, or even take home a Christmas pressie for someone special, head over to Virgin Casino today.

Remember the same Online gaming rule applies, only bet what you can afford.

Virgin offer free play games, if you can’t afford to play with real money!

Best of luck and have a Great festive period, if you celebrate it, thanks for all of your support over the past year.

We look forward to serving our Rainbow Riches fans in 2011.

The team

Click here to play the 12 days of Christmas at Virgin Casino today!

Rainbow Riches player scoops a tidy £500 while mobile

Monday, November 29th, 2010

We all love playing our favourite Rainbow Riches games at any given opportunity right? Whether it’s in the pub amongst mates, in the comfort of your own home on your laptop or your PC, or even if you are on that long boring train journey to hell, ooops sorry i mean, to the in-laws.

One lucky Rainbow Riches player decided to download the mobile version while on one of the above journeys,’ he pocketed a cool £500 playing Rainbow Riches Pots Of Gold down at Kerching Mobile Casino.

It’s certainly not the easiest game to play on your mobile phone, however if you are lucky enough to take a Pot of £500 from the Irish leprechaun, then who cares which form of technology you choose, with Christmas only around the corner that’s several nights out with the girls, sorry I mean that’s a nice present for the husband or boyfriend.

The lucky recipient of the 500 smackers, known only as Neil I was playing the Rainbow Riches mobile version at Kerching Casino, these guys know the Rainbow Riches slots inside out, after all they are part of Barcrest and there is no bigger name in the world of Slot machines in the UK.

If like me you prefer the Online version, you can check out all of the online operators that we feature on our Rainbow Riches Site, ( you can of course pick up an exclusive Rainbow Riches Free Bonus of £200 to play online at Kerching with us.

Click on the link below and simply enter bonus code RAINBOWSLOT when you deposit and you’ll be in with a chance to Win Big Shindig.

If you would prefer to play on your mobile as Neil I did, or even just play for the sheer fun of it, then of course you can do so at Kerching Slots too.

Click here to play at Kerching and claim your Free Bonus Money today!

Always gamble responsibly, whichever form of technology you use!

Reach for the Dizzy Heights Of Sky Vegas with £500 Free

Thursday, November 25th, 2010

It’s not very often we are gob smacked down here at Rainbow Riches Slots towers, however on this occasion Sky Vegas can really hold their heads in the clouds.

Sky Vegas Slots are offering their players an opportunity to bag an astonishing £500 Free Welcome Bonus. What’s even more impressive, is that Sky are offering a totally Free £5 No Deposit option too, so you can test the reels of Rainbow Riches with a free fiver, luvvly jubbly as the leprechaun would say, oh no that’s a different person in a funny hat and coat. Oh well you get my gist and my exhilaration all in one. You can of course play other fantastic slots at Sky Vegas, however I’m only interested in the 3 variants of the Rainbow Riches Slot Machine on offer at present.

Here’s how to claim your welcome bonus at Sky Vegas Slots.

The Sky Vegas welcome bonus comprises of 3 components.

1. Take home a Free £5 No Deposit Required, available to all players who register and enter PROMO CODE WELCOME this is for anyone who registers and enters the promo code it does not matter if you have deposited or staked. One thing to note is this promo expires after 30 days, so ensure you don’t miss out.

2. If you stake £25 you can grab a £10 Bonus dropped into your account within 72 hours.

3. Earn up to £500 as a Welcome Bonus – After point 2 every time a player stakes £25 Sky Vegas gives you a £1 bonus up to £500.

You will get your bonus within the normal 72 hours.

Don’t forget you only have 30 days upon entering the promo code WELCOME to qualify for points 2 & 3.

Best of luck and hope you reach the dizzy heights of a £500 Bonus from Sky Vegas Slots.

Click here to play at Sky Vegas Slots!

Who is the best Rainbow Riches operator?

Monday, November 8th, 2010

We all love playing Rainbow Riches that’s a fact, the question is where is the best place to play our favourite game online? Rainbow Riches is probably the most loved online Slot machine of the moment in the UK, there are so many operators vying for our Rainbow Riches coins.

With free Rainbow Riches deposit money being thrown around like confetti, it’s a real headache trying to work out which is the best operator to play at. The answer is really quite simple, all of the operators that we feature on our site are equally great for your hard earned money or even to play for free.

You can play our favourite game at all of the operators featured on safe in the knowledge that we have spun the reels ourselves and written reviews of our findings. There are some fantastic free bonus options to take advantage of, some of the best around are £200 free from Boyle and Sky Vegas respectively.

The free money options, are of course an added bonus,so you can be really crafty and take advantage and play at all of the featured operators with your free money, and then decide for yourselves which one you like the best. I’m still torn as to my true favourite operator to be honest,that’s why I’ll always read a review of each operator first.

Don’t forget there are 2 great main games to play on Rainbow Riches with fantastic bonus offers available for each game. The main operators want to keep you as players, therefor it’s imperative to look out for their player offers and incentives.  If they are not giving what you want, move on to the next one, there is more than one way to skin a Rainbow Riches operator.

If you are still undecided, it’s advisable to check out our video page and channel, here you will see the Rainbow Riches games in all their glory.

One thing is guaranteed, whichever operator you decide to test the Rainbow Riches reels with, please always ensure to do so in a responsible manner.

Happy and safe spinning!