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Play Sky Vegas Casino And Slots This Weekend For Free

Friday, May 20th, 2011

Ladies and Gents if you are looking for a little light relief this weekend, then it’s worth swinging by Sky Vegas Casino for bit of games action. Sky Vegas Casino is offering players the opportunity to play any of their online collection of Casino and Slots games for absolutely nothing, yes I’m serious Free, Gratis and Zilch No wonga required. You can play with a Free £5 and no deposit is required.

Another fantastic offer that keeps these boys apart from the rest right now is their fantastic bonus offer, you can win up to £500 Free with Sky Vegas which is definitely one of the best free first deposit offers anywhere on the web right now.

Sky is a brand we all know and trust and their games division is no exception, with quality games and fantastic customer support all in a safe online environment, you can’t go wrong with Sky Vegas.

You can play our favourite slot Rainbow Riches or take on the fantastic new Robocop game, the list of games is endless.

Don’t take my word for it take the SkyVegas reels for a spin yourself for free or for real!

Just who is the Rainbow Riches leprechaun?

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

Everyone recognises the famous Rainbow Riches leprechaun, who appears on all Rainbow Riches fruit machines and slots including the top online slots, Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold and Rainbow Riches Win Big Shindig. IGT, the manufacturers of these great reel games has never given us so much as an inkling as to the real identity of this hard working faerie creature, so we decided to ask, just who is the Rainbow Riches Leprechaun?

During the 1990s our TV sets were attacked by a leprechaun who was working for Nestlé’s Lucky Charms. We can be pretty sure that this is a different leprechaun to the one working for IGT, as this breakfast cereal leprechaun, whose catchphrase was “they’ll do anything to get their hands on my lucky charms” was clearly a little insane and not very cool, whilst the Rainbow Riches leprechaun is so cool he’s practically the LL Cool J of leprechauns, where the LL stands for leprechaun leprechaun.

It’s much more likely that the Rainbow Riches leprechaun is the same one that’s featured in the Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror Halloween special. This little green man is an angry, feisty, hard drinking type who clearly knows how to handle himself and isn’t worried about people stealing his cereal. With this no nonsense attitude he would be able to handle drunk punters and those looking to rip off his slot machines.

Like all leprechauns however he would be bound by the pot of gold myth, and would have to offer anyone who was brave and clever enough to win any of the bonus games on the Rainbow Riches slot his pot of gold from the end of the rainbow.

If you feel brave enough to take on the reely cheeky leprechaun in his own back yard, you can do so with an exclusive free bonus offer from Virgin Casino, courtesy of our fast becoming famous Rainbow Riches site.

Virgin Casino exclusive Free £150 Rainbow Riches Offer join now

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

Virgin Casino have been so pleased with the loyalty shown by our Rainbow Riches players, with this in mind their Slots manager approached us and said we would love to offer all new players through, an exclusive Free £150 first deposit sign up bonus.

We are delighted to accept this imperious offer from our friends at Virgin Slots, we have had a fantastic relationship with Virgin over the past 2 years and it is a true testament to them, they have listened to us and want to help the players earn more free money.

Don’t worry if you are not a new player, keep playing through and Virgin Casino will offer some of the most fantastic player promotions every day for Rainbow Riches players.

Please remember this offer is exclusive to all followers of our site Click Here to sign up now!

Slotmine Casino February Special Slots Promotions

Friday, February 4th, 2011

We have been getting on really well with Slotmine Casino just recently, they are slowly but surely coming round to our way of thinking. In light of this we are proud to announce their February slots promotions.

This February are giving away an Xbox Kinect with the most popular Kinect games available to one of their lucky players, in Slotmines February Kinect tournament. As you may know the Xbox Kinect was one of the most sought after presents last Christmas, so if you did not get what you wished for last  Christmas, why not try your luck and see if you land the Kinect, all you have to do is play on any of Slotmines slots. Plus have also added a cool £160 in extra value to the tournament prize pool.

The Slotmine February Kinect tournament structure is as follows:
- 1st prize: Xbox 360 with a Kinect plus a couple of games

- 2nd prize: £50

- 3rd prize: £30

- Hot spot prizes: 1 x £20, 1 x £20, 1 x £20 and 1 x £20

Slotmine Valentines Free Cash Gifts

This may not be the most romantic of promotions for to host on the 14th of February (keep that date in mind) – but it is a good promotion nevertheless and we do think it’s a nice little Valentine’s day promo. Slot players, who login and wager on any Slotmine slots on the 14th of February will be automatically entered into a  prize draw to win £150…free £10’s and £5’s straight cash in your account, not bonus money! Again we must reiterate that this is not the most romantic of promos, by an online casino, however it’s always nice to get a free tenner or fiver from  a casino with no strings attached!

So let’s get involved and play our favourite Rainbow Riches slots amongst other slots game down at today.

Click here to Play at Slotmine Casino today and win these fabulous prizes!

When will we see more Rainbow Riches Slots?

Saturday, October 9th, 2010

So far WagerWorks have produced two brilliant Rainbow Riches slots, Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold and Rainbow Riches Win Big Shindig. These two slots both represent the epitome in easy eyed slot game design, backed with a ferociously good gaming mechanic that will literally keep players coming back for that one last spin, with the warm sunshine smile of lady luck falling upon the fortunate few.

Now, we’re all gamblers here and don’t we gamblers love to try to predict the future. Now we believe that there must be more Rainbow Riches slots in the WagerWorks pipeline as we’ve seen a massive growth in the proliferation of the Rainbow Riches brand across the pub fruit machine market here in the UK. It seems to us that WagerWorks are perhaps trying to make Rainbow Riches synonymous with slot and fruit gaming in the UK; if so, what a good job they’re currently doing.

It’s not enough these days to merely provide a blanket market saturation and hope that your mediocre table game, slot machine or fruity will pull in the punters.

We’re dealing with a savvy gaming audience in the UK now who’re used to internet casinos, gambling shops and slot machines all in their myriad forms. People now have a greater expectation on games not only in terms of good payouts, but most are also looking for a good time feel whilst they play. Both Rainbow Riches slots really have that magic factor that just makes them intensely fun to play, making them a massive hit with the UK gaming public.

It can only be a short time before we see another Rainbow Riches Slot Machine on the stage, it’s a certainty that Wagerworks need to up their game with Microgaming rolling out fantastic new games off their production line at an alarming rate, just look at one of their most recent epics The Lord Of The Rings Slots game as a statement of intent, it’s a sure bet these two software giants have got what it takes when it comes to producing awesome games for all online slots fans.

I’m looking forward to what the next six months has in store, that’s for sure.

What makes a Slot game Legendary ?

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

There are a few legendary slot games out there such as the Rainbow Riches slot series, the Cleopatra slot series, Da Vinci Diamonds and Wolf Run, to name but a few of the pack of slot games that enjoy a prestige amongst slot players that sets them head and shoulders above the rest, but what qualities do these games all posses that makes them so successful?

The first thing that all these slot games have in common is a superb presentation. The branding on games like Rainbow Riches and Cleopatra is so strong that you instantly recognise these slots at a glance. When you think Egyptian themed slots you think Cleopatra and no other slot game in this category quite manages to pull of the gimmick with the same panache as Cleopatra. Even though other slot game designers have tried to copy and improve on the Cleopatra formula, going so far as to even theme their slots with the same Cleo flavour, they’ve not managed to break the hold this brilliant slot game has on the online market.

The second thing that makes these slot games so brilliant is the reel set up and the unique bonus games. Many of the slots we’ve mentioned have a special slant to them, which although may not be unique now, but was none the less original when the slot game first dropped into the market. Players love a mix of good bonuses together with good reel games and although it’s hard for the casual slot player to notice, games like Rainbow Riches, Da Vinci Diamonds and Wolf Run all have been perfectly mathematically balanced. When you consider Wolf Run’s complexity, with forty pay lines and wilds stacked higher than the Christmas beer in Tesco, this is a quite some feat and it’s very easy to underestimate the hours and hours of development put into a game like this to make the very best gaming experience for you.

The aforementioned slots games are all available at the trusted operators that we feature on our Rainbow Riches site, all available to test for free first, which we always recommend to get a reel feel for it. Get it ?

Please play slots games within your means!

Rainbow Riches Sky Vegas Free £200 Deposit Bonus

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

Have you heard the latest news coming from the clouds above, Or perhaps I mean Sky Vegas?

We all know that feeling of exhilaration when we see a Rainbow in the Sky, well now we have another reason to get the blood pumping, Sky Vegas are offering Rainbow Riches players a fantastic free deposit bonus of £200, pretty damn impressive I’m sure you will agree.

The Sky Vegas Slots team’s last bonus offer was £150 and this was pretty much in line with the other operators, however this seems to have set the leprechauns amongst the Pots Of Gold for sure.

Talking of Pots of Gold, you can play this version at Sky Vegas and pick up a lucky bonus from the famous Irish dancing Leprechaun, with his 3 fantastic bonus rounds, Wishing Well,Pots Of Gold and Road to Riches the jackpot is a few hundred grand. You can always play for free and a pick up a few Rainbow Riches Tips,  if  you have not experienced this version of the number one online slot machine in the UK today, it’s time to get involved.

So what are we waiting for, lets all head for the Sky and keep our heads above the clouds with big pots of Rainbow Riches gold.

You can check out the Rainbow Riches Sky Vegas review on our site, if you need reassurance why Sky Vegas Slots are a great place to play.

Happy Spinning and lots of luck!