With a month gone around the world Mr Green has a long way to go

We’ve all been playing along with Mr. Green’s trip around the world and around half way there the winner of the grand prize has been announced. No, it’s not me. You think I’d be writing this blog if it was? Well, yes, actually, so do I. Principally because my editor reads these, and I don’t want to find myself out of a job tomorrow morning.

Anyway, I digress. The lucky winner is Sari E. from Joensuu, Finland. While I’ve never been there, Google Maps does indeed confirm that it exits, and is approximately 435 kilometres North East of Helsinki.

I only provide these details as this is where I’m off to right now to seek out girls called Sari with a surname beginning with E. Don’t worry, I’ll pack my Vegas clothes.

So, what is the point of continuing to play the casino’s Around the World with Mr. Green promotion? Well, because it’s a lot of fun, for one, and there are still 46 more days to go, for another, and for yet more there are still plenty of prizes to be won.

Alright, so you won’t be jetting off to Vegas, but you might find yourself scooping another prize, or extra bonuses or free spins.

Personally and, frankly, selfishly I’m hoping that folk will see that the main prize has gone and skulk off, leaving the rest of the prizes for me!



That’s the master plan revealed, Mr. Bond.