Slotmine’s customers gearing up for The Big Win

Who hasn’t dreamed of winning the World Cup, or an Olympic gold medal, battling through groups or heats to emerge victorious, bathed in glory before the adulation of fans worldwide? Well, if you have (and, to be fair, even if you haven’t) you can still take a piece of that glory by winning Slotmine’s Big Win competition.

Throughout March the gaming house’s account holders have been competing for just such a prize. For every £10 staked every registered player receives one Big Win Ticket, upon which is a unique code. One of these codes is drawn weekly in a live show to produce a cash winner of £1,000.

To continue our World Cup analogy, these winners are quarter-finalists who will all take place in head-to-head challenges in a separate live show at the end of the month, with the first of these taking place on Friday 5th April.

The winner of these head-to-head battles will walk away with another £3,000 and also become a semi-finalist, with further semi-finals being played on Friday 3rd May and Friday 31st May. For all unlucky players there is also a Wild Card draw each week, to make the final semi-finalist drawn on Friday 7th June.

Then: the Big Day. On Friday 14th June 2013 one of the semi-finalists will be drawn as the winner, to bask in the glory of victory and adulation of slots fans across the globe. Oh, and there is a small matter of a £25,000 cash prize, too, but obviously the glory will mean more than the cash ever will.