Let The Betfair Riches Rain Down On You This December

With Christmas fast approaching (how many times are you likely to hear those words?) everyone like to get a gift at this time of year. Our top online casinos are always generously giving away a whole heap of bonuses especially Betfair Arcade.

When it comes to making the customer feel special these guys have it in abundance, I have highlighted some of the specials Betfair are throwing our way this month.

Spin Of The Day - Not the biggest bonus but a nice one, all you have to do to qualify  is take a single spin on the slot d’jour and you’ll be given another free spin completely free. - This one runs until December 11th and with a bit of luck they’ll feature at least one of the Rainbow Riches slot machines.

Bonus Bar - No it’s not a place where you can get a free promotional drink, but rather a special loyalty scheme, simply play your regular casino games and slots and you’ll slowly fill up this bonus bar.

Once you’ve filled it all the way up you’ll be given some free credit (could be as much as £500) to spend at the Betfair Arcade.

New Account Offer - In accordance with other internet casinos,  Betfair Arcade are now giving away a free £25 to new customers, simply wager £25 and they will give you £25 free to play.

You can play Betfair Arcade games for free, perfect if you want to get a taster before you decide to spend a few pennies.

Click here to join in the fun at Betfair Arcade today