More Exciting Slots Comparisons

We thought it was about time we did one of our epic comparison articles.

This week we’ve decided to look at the newest IGT slot on the block, the Multi-Way Xtra game, Star Trek – Against All Odds, to see how it fares against what is in our opinion the greatest casino machine of all time, the epic Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold.

In the first instance, what do we make of Star Trek – Against All Odds? Well, this game uses the classic reel arrangement that first featured on the awesome Siberian Storm, so you’ve got to say it’s already got a winning feature.

On top of this it features a special second screen bonus game where you actually get to control the lasers on the USS Enterprise, shooting down incoming missiles from an enemy star cruiser.

This takes you to a single virtual reel game where you can cash in on your artillery skills.

Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold on the other hand gives you a game that’s set up in a standard casino slot format, featuring a twenty pay-line structure.

However it has three brilliant bonuses, one of which is straight off the reels and another of which promises some massive prizes, so when it comes to the features, even though Star Trek gives you a skill game, we’ve got to say Rainbow Riches is still better.

In our opinion Star Trek – Against All Odds relies too heavily on its second screen feature to give it something that you don’t already get in Siberian Storm, and to be fair we’d rather play on the tiger themed slot machine.

Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold, on the other hand is a unique game with signature bonuses, representing a casino classic that’s unlike any other game. Sorry Spock, Kirk and Scotty, but this one’s got to go to Pots of Gold.


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