When I Go To Bed I Like To Theme

One thing that’s always getting over looked when people talk about Rainbow Riches is the theme. Everyone’s so concerned about the bonus games and the stacked jackpot symbols, which offer you an absolutely amazing pay-out, that we sometimes forget to take a look at how well IGT have put together this slot machine.

Graphically, Rainbow Riches really excels. Too many online machines go for a really heavy duty look that makes them appear more like modern video games than casino slots.

We were raised on flashy, garish titles that always had more than a liberal dose of cartoon-like flavour to their artwork and both the Rainbow Riches titles seem to capture that essence perfectly.

It’s not just Rainbow Riches looks that are stand out either. In a casino world where audio is often considered the least important aspect of any machine, these games don’t fall for the cliché. From the moment you load up Pots of Gold your ears are absolutely entertained by the sweet digitised speech, which sounds like their could be a real-life leprechaun trapped behind the wheels, together with some of the best slot FX you’ll hear in the business.

So next time you’re playing Rainbow Riches whether it be Pots of Gold or Win Big Shindig, pause for a second and breathe in the slot machine experience.

Trust us, as there’s so little to choose between the game play dynamics of the top reeler titles on the virtual sunset strip, it’s those little things that make Rainbow Riches stand out. When you’re spinning it, in our opinion you’re playing on one of the greatest themed games ever.

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