Where Do Rainbows Come From?

Well, as we all know there’s a very simple answer to this question. Rainbows are only ever seen when there’s both sun and rain. When the light from the sun shines through a stream of water, it’s split, much like when Isaac Newton first observed light being split into the spectrum of colourful components that are responsible for it’s make up. However, do the Rainbows in the famous slot machine, Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold come from the same place?

Well, we’ve done our research and we’ve discovered that the Rainbows in this amazingly popular slot are actually created by the trademark leprechaun associated with the game. Apparently he gives away so much money on a daily basis that he’s got to find some extra places to store all this cash. He tells us that his original Pot of Gold at the end of his first Rainbow simply can’t handle all the winnings that players are taking home from the Rainbow Riches slot games so he’s had to create a load more cash repositories at the end of a whole host of Rainbows just to keep up with the modern demand for titles like Pots of Gold and Win Big Shindig.

So next time you’re travelling down the road in your car and you see a far off Rainbow in the distance, don’t automatically assume it’s got something to do with the day’s meteorological conditions and realise that it might just be that there’s a leprechaun stashing his massive lump of cash behind those multicoloured rays.