Don’t be Fooled by the Cute

We’ve been looking over a number of review sites, seeing what other web authorities on slots have to say about Rainbow Riches. We were totally surprised to find that a number of sites out there describe slots like Pots of Gold and Win Big Shindig as being too cutesy and not having enough bite.

Well, in our opinion the good looking edge of these slot games masks a very efficient, well balanced reel game that simply spits out wins and is incredibly enjoyable. We’ve played a lot of slot games that are supposedly packed with features (Thunderstruck II is a good example) where you can spin the reels again and again and fail to hit anything.

Sure, when the bonus does come in on these slots it’s an all singing, all dancing splurge of excitement, but the twenty minutes of non-hitting spins you’ve had to endure to get this stage can be a little bit of an ordeal.

However, when it comes to Rainbow Riches, both titles constantly throw action at you. Look at the gamble game on Win Big Shindig, an integral part of the game that’s essential for boosting your bankroll; you can play this bonus after every single win on the reels. Then there’s Pots of Gold, where almost every other spin seems to pay out a win and the four different bonuses on offer are fast and furious. Just because these games are fronted by a cheeky leprechaun who likes to give you a wink of his eye and a sparkle of his tongue, don’t for a moment think that they can’t go toe to toe with the big, bad slots of the moment.

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