Mr Green Bonus

Haven’t quite scored in your Pot of Gold at the end of your Rainbow Riches playing session? Well never fear as here at we’re always looking to give you that little bit of extra sunshine in your life and take some of the sting out of the massive expense we’re all subject too at Christmas.

Mr Green, one of our favourite online casinos is currently running a slots tournament, called the Christmas Checklist that operates exactly like any other Mr Green Casino tournament. This means there are a number of uk slots eligible for prizes (you’ll need to check on the website to find out exactly which ones qualify on different days at ) so simply choose the one that takes your fancy and spin it to win. If you’ve got the highest score at the end of the day (that is to say you’ve won the most money) then not only will you get yourself the standard tournament win bonus, but you’ll be able to grab yourself some slightly more festive fayre.

The top prize on offer is a superb weekend of shopping with five large in your pockets (that’s five thousand pounds for those of you who didn’t grow up ‘south of the river’) in the ultimate shopping halls of Knightsbridge’s most famous retail destination, Harrods, complete with your own personal shopper. For those of you who get close, but don’t quite hit the big time win, you’ll be getting your own £500 to spend on what-ever you want at London’s king of shops.