The Only Way is Essex Fantasy Slot

One of our staff regularly frequents a lot of nightclubs. We know, he should probably grow up a bit, but nonetheless his experience has come in useful as a basis for this article. He reckons he went to a club the other night and met the star of The Only Way is Essex, Mark Wright. He claims that it’s been a long time since he’s seen so many girls in a club and they were all going crazy for the charms of the diminutive Wright. Given that  themed slot machines are so popular amongst the girls (just look at the success the new land based progressive SATC game is enjoying with the ladies stateside) shouldn’t developers have a serious think about coming up with a The Only Way is Essex title?

A casino slot game based on The Only Way is Essex would have be chock full of vocal samples from the cast, narrating all the reel action with little ‘shut-ups’ from Harry when you hit the really big combination wins. Mark Wright, the real star of the show would have to be the slot machine’s wild, as he’s undoubtedly the wild man in the cast and we think it would be hilarious if the game packed a Vajazzle bonus round, which could be activated by its very own special diamond studded scatter symbol. You could definitely have a second screen game where you could choose an avatar from the cast before going to try your luck with the opposite sex, scoring points for each of your conquests, with such a bonus round perhaps even giving you a chance to hit a progressive jackpot if you’re lucky enough to bed one of the really big stars.

We don’t know if the show’s producers quite view The Only Way is Essex in the same tongue in cheek way we do, but we think if the marketing people could see it our way then they really could cash in big with such a tie-in.

I’m going to suggest this hair brain idea of mine (Get it) to the boys down at IGT Slots and hope they take note and start to spray tan themselves in anticipation.