Maurice DPledge joins Rainbow Riches Facebook group

Maurice DPledge joins Facebook Rainbow Riches group

This week, famous slot reviewer Maurice DPledge has joined our Facebook group.

This group, a portal for the best advice on casinos, slot play and leprechauns is still in its infancy and D’Pledge has been brought on board to add to the magic.

Maurice D’Pledge’s background is in human psychology, spirituality and mathematics and as a result he quickly gave up the academic world for a career as an international slots god. Some thousands of playing hours later D’Pledge has become an expert on reel games and can tell a smelly slot game from a reel winner in seconds. He has a special interest in the new school slot games of the moment such as Slotblox and Jenga and can currently be found most days churning away at the high energy reels of the excellent Rubik’s Cube game. His true love however is for the fast paced casino style slots that represent the epitome in current slot gaming as his favourite two slot games are Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold and the impressive Cleopatra slot.

When we approached Maurice D’Pledge for a comment, he told us “I enjoy slot games immensely not only for the fun of winning money, but also for my absolute love of beating casino slot bonus games. I studied mathematics and whatever you want to say about odds and percentages, I’d say that people damn well know what makes a good, fun slot and that’s the angle I’m coming from. Slot games are fun because of the unpredictable elements and the fact you’ve got a chance of hitting a big win. Many of my mathematical peers used to tell me that gambling was a waste of time, so I used to tell them to shut up as I was already enjoying myself far too much playing Cleopatra, however  I am now converted to Rainbow Riches for sure”

Learn more about MD, as we affectionately address him on the face book page here

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