You are busting my bricks with the new Jenga slot game

Following closely on the heels of slot games such as Cubis, Bejewelled and Da Vinci Diamonds, this slot sees you looking to lose the traditional game and topple the tower for the bonus free plays.

In recent years internet gambling has opened up the world of slots to some radical ideas in reel games. Some games like to stick to the reel based format and others quite simply don’t and one of these latter slot games is Jenga, which is based on the block stacking game that’s been popular now for almost two decades.

This slot is very simple; you hit the play button and a Jenga stack appears in the centre of the playing area, made up of different colours of bricks. If all the blocks in one level are made up of the same colour this counts as a combination, as do any blocks that appear touching the three activating blocks in a chain. Once the prizes of all the chains are calculated, blocks from each winning level are exploded and re-piled back on top of the original Jenga stack. Of course, this sometimes makes the stack over balance and collapse. In the event of this happening you’re awarded a free play, so you’re always hoping to score enough chain wins to overbalance the tower.

This game is very similar to the Rubik’s Cube slot game and Slots Box, the Tetris based slot and is highly enjoyable. Whilst these slot games will never replace the traditional reel rollers, they’re more than worth their money for a couple of hours play.

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