Try the new Avalon slot released at Virgin Casino

Fellow Slots fans, check out yet another release from the bearded wonder and his majestic crew down at Virgin Casino.

Look out for the Lady of the Lake on the enchanted isle of Avalon in this fantastically opulent slot game that hides riches that are truly fit for a king.

King Arthur is perhaps the most famous fictional King to never have ruled Britain. Whilst many point towards relics such as the Winchester Round Table as evidence that this ancient monarch did once exist, others claim these artefact’s are nothing more than 14th century frauds. One thing we can be sure is real however is the Avalon slot game, based on the Lady of the Lake legend from the King Arthur story, now available for play at the excellent Virgin Casino.

Avalon is a well designed slot game that features ambient music that swirls around you like the mists swirling of the marshes of Old England. The game’s reels are encrusted with stylised Poker symbols and treasures straight from some Celtic burial ground that indicate the wealth that can be won from this slot if you’re lucky enough to hit those big combinations.

Avalon features a couple of sub-games, one which is as old as the Arthurian legends themselves, the double or nothing gamble game. Take any small win and risk it all on a card flip as you call red or black to see if you can double up in this completely fair game of chance. The second bonus game is a more rewarding free spin game that’s activated by stopping in the Lady of the Lake scatters, which can awarded up to twelve spins at a maximum seven times multiplier, with the addition of the big paying Gold Chest symbol becoming a wild in the free spin game giving you a chance to hit those big multi-line wins.

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