Virgin get their teeth into the new Bitten Slot game

Are you finding that you’re only getting out of your coffin these days at night? Have you taken an recent dislike to French cuisine due to all the garlic? Been screwing up your shaving because you can’t see yourself in the mirror? Then, my friend, you might just be a vampire, doomed to walk the earth as the undead until someone puts a stake through your heart and relieves you of your undying misery. However, it’s not all bad as we’ve found the ideal slot for vampires, ‘Bitten’ available now at the wonderful Virgin Slots stable

Bitten is a twenty line slot game that plays across the standard five reel set up. You’re allowed to adjust both the number of lines you bet on as well as your bet amount for a bespoke wager on every spin. The game has a great sense of humour with audio tracks and samples to make you laugh and groan alongside artwork that could be straight out of a 1950’s b-movie. The developers clearly had their tongues (and pointed teeth) firmly in their cheeks when they created this game.

Bitten also offers great bonuses with the Bitten vampiress symbol operating as a wild multiplier, doubling up the prize value of any combination she helps to make. The game also has a free spin game with an incremental multiplier, giving you an extra 1 x bonus to the multiplier for every free spin you take. Experienced slot vampires should see this slot game as a nice, healthy young victim with the blood of cash flowing through it’s veins, waiting, just waiting for the right player to sink their teeth into its neck and drain it of all that lovely lucre.

If you are too scared to take Bitten for a spin for real money, fear not you can play for free while you calm your nerves or you can always take a more mild slot for a spin, including the likes of  Cleopatra and our favourite Irish themed Rainbow Riches and the simply stunning Monopoly Slot Machine.Try all of these fantastic games down at Virgin Slots today.

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