Rainbow Riches Casino experience

I had a funny experience playing Rainbow Riches at a Casino the other night, I went to visit some friends, I will not go into detail as per location at this stage, however it was a big city in the North West of England with a casino slap bang in the middle of the city centre. (Can you guess where  it is yet Rolf ?)

We rocked up at 23.00 I played a little Blackjack some roulette and won a little, in the corner of my eye i could see the little Irish fella winking at me, I could  hear his dulcet tones ringing across the floor “Welcome to Rainbow Riches” as you probably have guessed, I could not resist his charms, i needed my fix and had to Play Rainbow Riches.

I went over and inserted a crisp £20, it’s very cool how you can stick a note in a casino machine these days rather than rummaging through your pockets to find a bent 50p piece i guess.

To cut a long and probably boring story short, I ended up playing with £40 from my previous winnings, I did not get one feature and this was playing Rainbow Riches Pots Of Gold, I am a true advocate in supporting the land based casinos but this rankled me slightly, not one measly feature, OK i had a few glasses of wine with the girls but nothing to excess, i would have definitely noticed a Rainbow Riches bonus feature when i see one.

I’d be interested to know if  anyone else has had such a bad run in a land based casino?  i mean not one feature come on, like the Murphy’s I’m not bitter honest………

I’m going to steer clear of land based casinos and stick to playing Rainbow Riches Slots online for a while, the payout percentages are better online too. It’s always great to play my favourite slot wherever i am,  but I’m sure to take the laptop and stay in the comfort of my hotel room next time lol.

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