Fantasy Rainbow Riches Slot Machine games

We recently mentioned the fact that like many people out there, we think WagerWorks might have some more Rainbow Riches slots on the development cards to add to the two slots that already are winning the affections of gaming audiences around the world.

Rainbow Riches Win Big Shindig and Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold are both massive hits, featuring fast paced reel game action mixed with second screen bonuses, wrapped up in a very special, almost tongue in cheek package.

So, where could WagerWorks go with the Rainbow Riches slots? Well, we think there are two classic themes that WagerWorks could call on to inspire their new online reel games. The first is the myth of the blarney stone, a magical rock said to inspire the non stop gift of the gab onto anybody curious, brave or stupid enough to lick it. In this game the second screen bonus would involve a Leprechaun licking the stone and then singing a song. The more words the little green fellow gets out in a set time period, the better the multiplier the player receives.

However, we believe WagerWorks’ next Rainbow Riches slot should be some kind of slot game that offers a de-railed bonus game with an element of chance opposed to a single virtual reel spin, so in keeping with Irish themes, how about a Rainbow Riches Slot Machine where you have to find a number of four leafed clover hidden in a field of similar leaves? Of course we will always ensure there is a free rainbow riches option, for those of us who just just love the emerald green slot for the sheer fun of it.

This could even be some kind of level game with a single lucky plant on each field. We know the Rainbow Riches loving public and they’d go absolutely wild for a game like this, so come on WagerWorks, take the hint and put that little bit more fruity style fun in these great slot games.

We certainly believe it’s only a matter of time before the bosses at Wagerworks are knocking on our door and wanting to utilise our games ideas, (honest) we are all slots fans and it’s only fair that we should get a choice as to what their next release will be surely?

We will keep you posted with any news if we ever get our fantasy Rainbow Riches games approved. If you have any suggestions please keep sending them along one day we will be heard lol…….

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