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Virgin slots offer loads a Mega Moolah with £100 free

Sunday, October 31st, 2010

As you know we always like to diversify with our taste for online slots games, with this in mind it’s certainly worth shouting about the latest new slot game coming out of Virgin.
The fantastic Virgin Casino and Slots stable have just launched the fantastic Micogaming classic African themed Mega Moolah Slot game. Virgins’ Mega Moolah slot machine is 5 reels and 25 pay-lines of pure adrenalin pumping slots glory.

There is a superb wheel of fortune progressive jackpot feature too. With free spins a plenty and wild symbols as African animals on offer, this really is a cleverly designed online slot machine.
If it’s Mega Money you want, this slot has it in abundance, there are four progressive jackpots on offer , the jackpot wheel has an amazing top prize of at least 1 million ($/£/€) it’s going to keep rising until one player has that lucky spins and take the prize pot. The Jackpot is currently sitting pretty at over £2.1 million, you’ve got be in it to win it.

Virgin stands strong as a brand in all walks of life, and their gaming arm is no exception, having started in 2004 Virgin Slots has over 1 million players with over 200 games and some of the worlds greatest software providers in their stable, it is a fantastic place for your online slots coins for sure.
If you are looking to be a slots millionaire, then look no further than Virgin Casino to play Mega Moolah today.

Rainbow Riches Casino experience

Monday, October 25th, 2010

I had a funny experience playing Rainbow Riches at a Casino the other night, I went to visit some friends, I will not go into detail as per location at this stage, however it was a big city in the North West of England with a casino slap bang in the middle of the city centre. (Can you guess where  it is yet Rolf ?)

We rocked up at 23.00 I played a little Blackjack some roulette and won a little, in the corner of my eye i could see the little Irish fella winking at me, I could  hear his dulcet tones ringing across the floor “Welcome to Rainbow Riches” as you probably have guessed, I could not resist his charms, i needed my fix and had to Play Rainbow Riches.

I went over and inserted a crisp £20, it’s very cool how you can stick a note in a casino machine these days rather than rummaging through your pockets to find a bent 50p piece i guess.

To cut a long and probably boring story short, I ended up playing with £40 from my previous winnings, I did not get one feature and this was playing Rainbow Riches Pots Of Gold, I am a true advocate in supporting the land based casinos but this rankled me slightly, not one measly feature, OK i had a few glasses of wine with the girls but nothing to excess, i would have definitely noticed a Rainbow Riches bonus feature when i see one.

I’d be interested to know if  anyone else has had such a bad run in a land based casino?  i mean not one feature come on, like the Murphy’s I’m not bitter honest………

I’m going to steer clear of land based casinos and stick to playing Rainbow Riches Slots online for a while, the payout percentages are better online too. It’s always great to play my favourite slot wherever i am,  but I’m sure to take the laptop and stay in the comfort of my hotel room next time lol.

Fantasy Rainbow Riches Slot Machine games

Monday, October 18th, 2010

We recently mentioned the fact that like many people out there, we think WagerWorks might have some more Rainbow Riches slots on the development cards to add to the two slots that already are winning the affections of gaming audiences around the world.

Rainbow Riches Win Big Shindig and Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold are both massive hits, featuring fast paced reel game action mixed with second screen bonuses, wrapped up in a very special, almost tongue in cheek package.

So, where could WagerWorks go with the Rainbow Riches slots? Well, we think there are two classic themes that WagerWorks could call on to inspire their new online reel games. The first is the myth of the blarney stone, a magical rock said to inspire the non stop gift of the gab onto anybody curious, brave or stupid enough to lick it. In this game the second screen bonus would involve a Leprechaun licking the stone and then singing a song. The more words the little green fellow gets out in a set time period, the better the multiplier the player receives.

However, we believe WagerWorks’ next Rainbow Riches slot should be some kind of slot game that offers a de-railed bonus game with an element of chance opposed to a single virtual reel spin, so in keeping with Irish themes, how about a Rainbow Riches Slot Machine where you have to find a number of four leafed clover hidden in a field of similar leaves? Of course we will always ensure there is a free rainbow riches option, for those of us who just just love the emerald green slot for the sheer fun of it.

This could even be some kind of level game with a single lucky plant on each field. We know the Rainbow Riches loving public and they’d go absolutely wild for a game like this, so come on WagerWorks, take the hint and put that little bit more fruity style fun in these great slot games.

We certainly believe it’s only a matter of time before the bosses at Wagerworks are knocking on our door and wanting to utilise our games ideas, (honest) we are all slots fans and it’s only fair that we should get a choice as to what their next release will be surely?

We will keep you posted with any news if we ever get our fantasy Rainbow Riches games approved. If you have any suggestions please keep sending them along one day we will be heard lol…….

Which Slot game is the best at Virgin Casino?

Friday, October 15th, 2010

Virgin now has a massive number of slot games on their schedule, making it difficult to know which the best slot games of the moment are. So, we have taken all the hard work out of the job and picked our favourite Virgin slots, so you don’t have to do the research. Now, we notice that our detractors may claim that we’re biased towards WagerWorks slots, but we’re not. We simply think that WagerWorks make the best slots in the online market today. Here’s our list…

Double Diamond - We couldn’t make a list of slots without including the favourite old skool spinner. Double Diamond is a game that could come straight out of 1981 with its eight bit graphics and sound, but don’t be fooled, this is a great little game that could pay you the big prizes. It’s all about the Double Diamond symbol as this is your route to a big win, doubling the prize for any combination it appears with. Should you hit two Double Diamonds, then you can double it up again, with the big jackpot appearing for the triple Double.

Monopoly Here & Now - This brilliant slot game combined all the best features of the Monopoly board game with an excellent slot machine mechanic. It’s all about the bonus game as you save up your persistent equity in order to cash big as you traverse the Monopoly board on the second screen. This online slot combines the best qualities of a good fruit machine and a good slot game and will appeal massively to UK players looking for a good session slot.

Rainbow Riches - I think you know which our favourite virgin slot game is. The Virgin online casino features the original Rainbow Riches slot game, Pots of Gold. This charming Irish-themed slot is the perfect mid-range game for the casual gambler. With excellent, lush reel graphics, real feel game mechanics and an audio track that’s been stolen straight from the shores of the Emerald Isle, Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold is a slot game that truly put the fun back into the reels.

Visit Virgin Casino

Cleopatra Megajackpot - Some people like the chance to not only win big on a slot game, but to win huge, life changing prizes. For those players, the Megajackpots games fit the bill. There are a number of Megajackpots games available, with all requiring players to make a max bet in order to qualify for the bank-breaking jackpot, but our favourite is without a doubt the opulent Cleopatra Megajackpots. Taking the immensely popular original Cleopatra slot as a template for the game, the addition of the Megajackpots prize turns this classic slot game into a real money spinner.

Wolf Run - Last but by no means is least, Wolf Run, the forty line monster slot that features wilds stacked so high they could be the Christmas beer in Tescos. This slot seems to pay out more than it should, as the wilds and pay lines combination can make for some absolutely stonking wins in the reel game. This is probably our favourite slot as it’s got the perfect balance of reel action and bonus blended with superb winning opportunities.

You might not agree on our selection of the best slot at Virgin as there are currently so many available on this brilliant online casino. One of the great things about Virgin is that they’re keen to let new players try out their slot games for free so you can get an idea of what slot game suits you best. We don’t believe our opinion is the best for everyone, but at the same time we know we’ve got damn some very good taste in slot games.

When will we see more Rainbow Riches Slots?

Saturday, October 9th, 2010

So far WagerWorks have produced two brilliant Rainbow Riches slots, Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold and Rainbow Riches Win Big Shindig. These two slots both represent the epitome in easy eyed slot game design, backed with a ferociously good gaming mechanic that will literally keep players coming back for that one last spin, with the warm sunshine smile of lady luck falling upon the fortunate few.

Now, we’re all gamblers here and don’t we gamblers love to try to predict the future. Now we believe that there must be more Rainbow Riches slots in the WagerWorks pipeline as we’ve seen a massive growth in the proliferation of the Rainbow Riches brand across the pub fruit machine market here in the UK. It seems to us that WagerWorks are perhaps trying to make Rainbow Riches synonymous with slot and fruit gaming in the UK; if so, what a good job they’re currently doing.

It’s not enough these days to merely provide a blanket market saturation and hope that your mediocre table game, slot machine or fruity will pull in the punters.

We’re dealing with a savvy gaming audience in the UK now who’re used to internet casinos, gambling shops and slot machines all in their myriad forms. People now have a greater expectation on games not only in terms of good payouts, but most are also looking for a good time feel whilst they play. Both Rainbow Riches slots really have that magic factor that just makes them intensely fun to play, making them a massive hit with the UK gaming public.

It can only be a short time before we see another Rainbow Riches Slot Machine on the stage, it’s a certainty that Wagerworks need to up their game with Microgaming rolling out fantastic new games off their production line at an alarming rate, just look at one of their most recent epics The Lord Of The Rings Slots game as a statement of intent, it’s a sure bet these two software giants have got what it takes when it comes to producing awesome games for all online slots fans.

I’m looking forward to what the next six months has in store, that’s for sure.

Virgin get their teeth into the new Bitten Slot game

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

Are you finding that you’re only getting out of your coffin these days at night? Have you taken an recent dislike to French cuisine due to all the garlic? Been screwing up your shaving because you can’t see yourself in the mirror? Then, my friend, you might just be a vampire, doomed to walk the earth as the undead until someone puts a stake through your heart and relieves you of your undying misery. However, it’s not all bad as we’ve found the ideal slot for vampires, ‘Bitten’ available now at the wonderful Virgin Slots stable

Bitten is a twenty line slot game that plays across the standard five reel set up. You’re allowed to adjust both the number of lines you bet on as well as your bet amount for a bespoke wager on every spin. The game has a great sense of humour with audio tracks and samples to make you laugh and groan alongside artwork that could be straight out of a 1950’s b-movie. The developers clearly had their tongues (and pointed teeth) firmly in their cheeks when they created this game.

Bitten also offers great bonuses with the Bitten vampiress symbol operating as a wild multiplier, doubling up the prize value of any combination she helps to make. The game also has a free spin game with an incremental multiplier, giving you an extra 1 x bonus to the multiplier for every free spin you take. Experienced slot vampires should see this slot game as a nice, healthy young victim with the blood of cash flowing through it’s veins, waiting, just waiting for the right player to sink their teeth into its neck and drain it of all that lovely lucre.

If you are too scared to take Bitten for a spin for real money, fear not you can play for free while you calm your nerves or you can always take a more mild slot for a spin, including the likes of  Cleopatra and our favourite Irish themed Rainbow Riches and the simply stunning Monopoly Slot Machine.Try all of these fantastic games down at Virgin Slots today.

Play three Rainbow Riches games at Sky Vegas today

Friday, October 1st, 2010

It is safe to say that the Rainbow Riches slot has definitely hit the big time. There is not just one Rainbow Riches game to play at Sky Vegas, not two…but three fantastic games that are sure to keep you entertained.

There is the original Rainbow Riches, Rainbow Riches HS and the Rainbow Riches Win Big Shindig to explore at Sky Vegas so which will be your first?

The original Rainbow Riches is a classic and will definitely not disappoint. Spin the reels of this 20 win line slot and hopefully a winning combination will meet you. A winning combination could lead you through to the Road to Riches bonus round which is one of the best features of the game. Work your way up the pathway and if luck is on your side, you could find your winnings multiplied!

Rainbow Riches HS is a high stakes version of this popular slot game. It has the same key features and bonus rounds as the original Rainbow Riches however players can bet a higher stake per spin. The maximum amount that can be bet on each win line is £35.

The Rainbow Riches Win Big Shindig slot game is a variation of the original and if you are familiar with the original, understanding this slot should be just as easy. It is a 10 win line slot and to make this slot even more appealing, Sky Vegas have increased the amount of money put into features which means there could be an increase in winnings if you are lucky enough to scoop a prize! If possible, the Irish theme is enhanced even more in this slot with dancing leprechauns everywhere you turn!

Best of Irish luck to yas!