Witches and Leprechauns vs The Cleopatra Slot

Witches and leprechauns are well known for getting on together as is clearly documented in the Simpsons Halloween special episode The Treehouse of Horror XII. The cartoon is split into three short stories, the first of which is entitled Hex. This quick film details a marriage between a leprechaun and a witch and can be taken as solid evidence of the clearly amorous link between these two supernatural beings.

Imagine our surprise therefore today when we learned of the horrific news that this relationship had taken a dark twist in recent days. A small elite group of leprechauns have claimed that there are forces within the Cleopatra slot machine that are anti-leprechaun, an assertion that’s been followed up within the leprechaun press.

In order to solve this problem, witches have been time travelling back into the past in order to erase Cleopatra from history, so there will be no Cleopatra slot game. The criag team of hit-witches believe that if they can get rid of the Cleopatra slot game all these slots will be replaced by Rainbow Riches slots and it will be like the Egyptian themed slot never existed. Slots like Rainbow Riches Win Big Shindig and Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold will appear in the places the Cleopatra slots used to occupy and no one will ever know about this trick of history.

However, intelligence reports state that witches investigations into travelling back in time came to a dodgy start when the head witch didn’t turn up for work on the Monday morning and was found down a casino peering at a ‘Pick Me’ bonus whilst you play Rainbow Riches. The head witch ordered the day off, hit a massive jackpot streak and is now enjoying the rest of the month in Vegas and has been seen regularly at the Cleopatra Megajackpots machine.

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