What makes a Slot game Legendary ?

There are a few legendary slot games out there such as the Rainbow Riches slot series, the Cleopatra slot series, Da Vinci Diamonds and Wolf Run, to name but a few of the pack of slot games that enjoy a prestige amongst slot players that sets them head and shoulders above the rest, but what qualities do these games all posses that makes them so successful?

The first thing that all these slot games have in common is a superb presentation. The branding on games like Rainbow Riches and Cleopatra is so strong that you instantly recognise these slots at a glance. When you think Egyptian themed slots you think Cleopatra and no other slot game in this category quite manages to pull of the gimmick with the same panache as Cleopatra. Even though other slot game designers have tried to copy and improve on the Cleopatra formula, going so far as to even theme their slots with the same Cleo flavour, they’ve not managed to break the hold this brilliant slot game has on the online market.

The second thing that makes these slot games so brilliant is the reel set up and the unique bonus games. Many of the slots we’ve mentioned have a special slant to them, which although may not be unique now, but was none the less original when the slot game first dropped into the market. Players love a mix of good bonuses together with good reel games and although it’s hard for the casual slot player to notice, games like Rainbow Riches, Da Vinci Diamonds and Wolf Run all have been perfectly mathematically balanced. When you consider Wolf Run’s complexity, with forty pay lines and wilds stacked higher than the Christmas beer in Tesco, this is a quite some feat and it’s very easy to underestimate the hours and hours of development put into a game like this to make the very best gaming experience for you.

The aforementioned slots games are all available at the trusted operators that we feature on our Rainbow Riches site, all available to test for free first, which we always recommend to get a reel feel for it. Get it ?

Please play slots games within your means!

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