Sky Vegas Steals the new Cops and Robbers Slot game

Fellow online slot fans we wanted to give you a heads up on another exciting new slot game, Sky Vegas has stolen (excuse the pun) the march on the competition with the new Cops and Robbers community slot game.

It’s the new five reel slot game that allows you to link up with other slot jockeys to try to outsmart the long arm of the slot game law at one of the UK’s best loved online casinos.

We’re not going to give you a lesson on slot game basics, so you’re safe in the assumption that this slot game’s basic reel mechanics don’t differ that much from the next game. You’re looking at five reel game with the standard fifteen stop spaces in view with twenty pay lines up for your wagers. Graphically the slot game delivers with Dick Tracy style cartoon symbols on the reels, richly tattooed in primary colours reminding players of the 1950’s cartoons that took an oh-so-kitsch angle on the deadly antics of armed robbery.

Look at the top of the screen and you’ll see a robber. The more you spin the reels the more the robber will move across the road, from left to right towards the bank. The moment the robber picks up the swag bag, everyone in the community slot becomes eligible for the bonus games. This means that all players will qualify for any bonus game scored by any single player, which are awarded when you stop in three, four or five community ‘cops and robbers’ symbols, which will allow you to really cash in on the reels. If you spin enough times to get the robber all the way to the bank then you’re totally quids in as you’ll get the bigger multipliers on your prizes.

In addition to the multipliers offered by the top line swagman, the Cops and Robbers community slot game will give you one of three different bonus games. In Cash Explosion, you’ve got to use your dynamite slot game abilities to blow the safe and escape with pockets full of glory. Hot Pursuit sees you throwing dice to move a virtual reel as you move round a feature board with the cops ready to throw you into jail and have you face an ID parade. The final bonus game, Cop the Lot, sees you again cracking safes with your slot stethoscope as you try to bust into nine treasure troves, with a chance to win all the money if you break ‘em all.

We think the Cops and Robbers community slot game is one hell of a great game. If you can get online at the right time and have enough players alongside you making that big run for the big prize mutlipliers then this is more than a worthwhile slot game to play. We found that the robber bonus aspect of the game makes this a real build up game to play and as you can chat to all your criminal associates as you try to rob the bank of Sky Vegas. We’d like to suggest that you have no hesitation in trying out this new slot concept as we believe the Cops and Robbers community slot presents not only one of the most fun playing opportunities, but also one of the best cash returns anywhere on the Internet.

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Always play Sky Vegas slots responsibly!

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