Rainbow Riches Sky Vegas Free £200 Deposit Bonus

Have you heard the latest news coming from the clouds above, Or perhaps I mean Sky Vegas?

We all know that feeling of exhilaration when we see a Rainbow in the Sky, well now we have another reason to get the blood pumping, Sky Vegas are offering Rainbow Riches players a fantastic free deposit bonus of £200, pretty damn impressive I’m sure you will agree.

The Sky Vegas Slots team’s last bonus offer was £150 and this was pretty much in line with the other operators, however this seems to have set the leprechauns amongst the Pots Of Gold for sure.

Talking of Pots of Gold, you can play this version at Sky Vegas and pick up a lucky bonus from the famous Irish dancing Leprechaun, with his 3 fantastic bonus rounds, Wishing Well,Pots Of Gold and Road to Riches the jackpot is a few hundred grand. You can always play for free and a pick up a few Rainbow Riches Tips,  if  you have not experienced this version of the number one online slot machine in the UK today, it’s time to get involved.

So what are we waiting for, lets all head for the Sky and keep our heads above the clouds with big pots of Rainbow Riches gold.

You can check out the Rainbow Riches Sky Vegas review on our site, if you need reassurance why Sky Vegas Slots are a great place to play.

Happy Spinning and lots of luck!

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