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What makes a Slot game Legendary ?

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

There are a few legendary slot games out there such as the Rainbow Riches slot series, the Cleopatra slot series, Da Vinci Diamonds and Wolf Run, to name but a few of the pack of slot games that enjoy a prestige amongst slot players that sets them head and shoulders above the rest, but what qualities do these games all posses that makes them so successful?

The first thing that all these slot games have in common is a superb presentation. The branding on games like Rainbow Riches and Cleopatra is so strong that you instantly recognise these slots at a glance. When you think Egyptian themed slots you think Cleopatra and no other slot game in this category quite manages to pull of the gimmick with the same panache as Cleopatra. Even though other slot game designers have tried to copy and improve on the Cleopatra formula, going so far as to even theme their slots with the same Cleo flavour, they’ve not managed to break the hold this brilliant slot game has on the online market.

The second thing that makes these slot games so brilliant is the reel set up and the unique bonus games. Many of the slots we’ve mentioned have a special slant to them, which although may not be unique now, but was none the less original when the slot game first dropped into the market. Players love a mix of good bonuses together with good reel games and although it’s hard for the casual slot player to notice, games like Rainbow Riches, Da Vinci Diamonds and Wolf Run all have been perfectly mathematically balanced. When you consider Wolf Run’s complexity, with forty pay lines and wilds stacked higher than the Christmas beer in Tesco, this is a quite some feat and it’s very easy to underestimate the hours and hours of development put into a game like this to make the very best gaming experience for you.

The aforementioned slots games are all available at the trusted operators that we feature on our Rainbow Riches site, all available to test for free first, which we always recommend to get a reel feel for it. Get it ?

Please play slots games within your means!

Which is the best Rainbow Riches Slot ?

Friday, September 24th, 2010

The Rainbow Riches slot series, featuring Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold and Rainbow Riches Win Big Shindig are currently taking both Internet and land-based casinos by storm. With their brilliant yet cheeky sound, fun graphics and accessible bonus games, the Rainbow Riches slot games are now considered by many seasoned slot pros to be well up there with games like Cleopatra, Monopoly Here & Now and the fabulous Wolf Run, however, which of these two slot games is the best?

Firstly Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold has twenty pay-lines and is considered by many to be the truest Rainbow Riches game, as it was the game that introduced the famous ‘Pick Me’ bonus game as well as a fully automated second screen game featuring the Leprechaun that’s all too synonymous with this fantastic slot series. Rainbow Riches Win Big Shindig on the other hand only has fifteen pay lines but the top prizes are better and they can be won through the bonus game.

In short, it’s very difficult to pick which is the best Rainbow Riches online slot. We can’t really squeeze a piece of tissue paper between the two slot games as both are so excellently produced. The advice therefore we’d  give you as experts on the Rainbow Riches series is to chose your Rainbow Riches game in accordance with what you’re looking for from the slot. So if you want a mid range slot game with good prizes and lots of opportunities to win, then Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold is the slot for you, but players who want to take more chances on the big money wins should look no further than the appropriately titled Rainbow Riches Win Big Shindig.

As always, it’s only fair to point out that you can play the dancing Irish leprechaun and all of his spin offs for free at all of our recommended operators including Sky Vegas, Virgin, Paddy Power and Boyle Casino, all fantastic in their own unique way.

Find out more about the great places to play Rainbow Riches by clicking on Rainbow Riches at the top right of our page here.

Please play Rainbow Riches responsibly.

Sky Vegas Steals the new Cops and Robbers Slot game

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

Fellow online slot fans we wanted to give you a heads up on another exciting new slot game, Sky Vegas has stolen (excuse the pun) the march on the competition with the new Cops and Robbers community slot game.

It’s the new five reel slot game that allows you to link up with other slot jockeys to try to outsmart the long arm of the slot game law at one of the UK’s best loved online casinos.

We’re not going to give you a lesson on slot game basics, so you’re safe in the assumption that this slot game’s basic reel mechanics don’t differ that much from the next game. You’re looking at five reel game with the standard fifteen stop spaces in view with twenty pay lines up for your wagers. Graphically the slot game delivers with Dick Tracy style cartoon symbols on the reels, richly tattooed in primary colours reminding players of the 1950’s cartoons that took an oh-so-kitsch angle on the deadly antics of armed robbery.

Look at the top of the screen and you’ll see a robber. The more you spin the reels the more the robber will move across the road, from left to right towards the bank. The moment the robber picks up the swag bag, everyone in the community slot becomes eligible for the bonus games. This means that all players will qualify for any bonus game scored by any single player, which are awarded when you stop in three, four or five community ‘cops and robbers’ symbols, which will allow you to really cash in on the reels. If you spin enough times to get the robber all the way to the bank then you’re totally quids in as you’ll get the bigger multipliers on your prizes.

In addition to the multipliers offered by the top line swagman, the Cops and Robbers community slot game will give you one of three different bonus games. In Cash Explosion, you’ve got to use your dynamite slot game abilities to blow the safe and escape with pockets full of glory. Hot Pursuit sees you throwing dice to move a virtual reel as you move round a feature board with the cops ready to throw you into jail and have you face an ID parade. The final bonus game, Cop the Lot, sees you again cracking safes with your slot stethoscope as you try to bust into nine treasure troves, with a chance to win all the money if you break ‘em all.

We think the Cops and Robbers community slot game is one hell of a great game. If you can get online at the right time and have enough players alongside you making that big run for the big prize mutlipliers then this is more than a worthwhile slot game to play. We found that the robber bonus aspect of the game makes this a real build up game to play and as you can chat to all your criminal associates as you try to rob the bank of Sky Vegas. We’d like to suggest that you have no hesitation in trying out this new slot concept as we believe the Cops and Robbers community slot presents not only one of the most fun playing opportunities, but also one of the best cash returns anywhere on the Internet.

Click here to play Sky Vegas Cops and Robbers Community Slot game and grab £150 Free.

Always play Sky Vegas slots responsibly!

Rainbow Riches Sky Vegas Free £200 Deposit Bonus

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

Have you heard the latest news coming from the clouds above, Or perhaps I mean Sky Vegas?

We all know that feeling of exhilaration when we see a Rainbow in the Sky, well now we have another reason to get the blood pumping, Sky Vegas are offering Rainbow Riches players a fantastic free deposit bonus of £200, pretty damn impressive I’m sure you will agree.

The Sky Vegas Slots team’s last bonus offer was £150 and this was pretty much in line with the other operators, however this seems to have set the leprechauns amongst the Pots Of Gold for sure.

Talking of Pots of Gold, you can play this version at Sky Vegas and pick up a lucky bonus from the famous Irish dancing Leprechaun, with his 3 fantastic bonus rounds, Wishing Well,Pots Of Gold and Road to Riches the jackpot is a few hundred grand. You can always play for free and a pick up a few Rainbow Riches Tips,  if  you have not experienced this version of the number one online slot machine in the UK today, it’s time to get involved.

So what are we waiting for, lets all head for the Sky and keep our heads above the clouds with big pots of Rainbow Riches gold.

You can check out the Rainbow Riches Sky Vegas review on our site, if you need reassurance why Sky Vegas Slots are a great place to play.

Happy Spinning and lots of luck!

Witches and Leprechauns vs The Cleopatra Slot

Monday, September 13th, 2010

Witches and leprechauns are well known for getting on together as is clearly documented in the Simpsons Halloween special episode The Treehouse of Horror XII. The cartoon is split into three short stories, the first of which is entitled Hex. This quick film details a marriage between a leprechaun and a witch and can be taken as solid evidence of the clearly amorous link between these two supernatural beings.

Imagine our surprise therefore today when we learned of the horrific news that this relationship had taken a dark twist in recent days. A small elite group of leprechauns have claimed that there are forces within the Cleopatra slot machine that are anti-leprechaun, an assertion that’s been followed up within the leprechaun press.

In order to solve this problem, witches have been time travelling back into the past in order to erase Cleopatra from history, so there will be no Cleopatra slot game. The criag team of hit-witches believe that if they can get rid of the Cleopatra slot game all these slots will be replaced by Rainbow Riches slots and it will be like the Egyptian themed slot never existed. Slots like Rainbow Riches Win Big Shindig and Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold will appear in the places the Cleopatra slots used to occupy and no one will ever know about this trick of history.

However, intelligence reports state that witches investigations into travelling back in time came to a dodgy start when the head witch didn’t turn up for work on the Monday morning and was found down a casino peering at a ‘Pick Me’ bonus whilst you play Rainbow Riches. The head witch ordered the day off, hit a massive jackpot streak and is now enjoying the rest of the month in Vegas and has been seen regularly at the Cleopatra Megajackpots machine.

As always we love to entertain our fellow slots fans and you can find more great stories on our site and on our Rainbow Riches Facebook page and Youtube channel.

How do I know when Rainbow Riches will pay out ?

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

Everyone would love to know when a slot is going to pay out and all manner of theories are presented in the small talk of casinos and bar-rooms where fruit machine and slot game professionals love to shoot the breeze on the subject of the mechanics of pure chance. I am often asked by friends and acquaintances alike, “So Alice if you work with Rainbow Riches all day every day, how do I know when the Rainbow Riches Slot will pay out?”, if only life was that simple eh?

When Will Rainbow Riches Pay Out?

Many who don’t like to engage in the more superstitious end of speculation, often feel that the more greedy the slot game the more likely the pay out cycle,  unfortunately such folk are often proved wrong and the lucky punter who drops a coin for a slot machine jackpot is more common than people would like to believe. Whichever way you want to look at it however one thing remains true, you can spin in anything on a slot games reels.

So how can we tell when the Rainbow Riches slots, such as Win Big Shindig and Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold are going to hit that streak? Well, we’ve played many games of Rainbow Riches both on free-play and real money modes and we’ve not been able to discern when this slot is going to pay. In fact, one thing many of the editorial team here love is that Rainbow Riches can be such a wild and unpredictable slot game.

We have done our research however and found an emulated version of Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold with a payout percentage meter on the game. This should allow the more statistically minded amongst us to perhaps get more of a feel for the underlying probabilities in the Rainbow Riches game and will also allow the more amateur player to see that even with high payout percentages, nothing can be taken for granted when you’re playing one of the world’s greatest slot games.

To find out more about the places to play Rainbow Riches and the best online free deposit bonuses, don’t forget to keep your eyes firmly bolted on our site, we only feature the very best secure and trusted online casinos for your Rainbow Riches slots coins

Paddy Power Rainbow Riches Pots Of Gold

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen of the slots world, down your Guinness and get ya emerald green sweatshirt out, it’s time to dance a merry Irish jig down to Paddy Power games and Play the fantastic Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold game. Why i hear you cry ?

Here’s why, all you have to do is part with a measly £1 and you will get £10 free to play this fantastic Irish themed beauty of an online slot machine. The mouth watering features on this machine include three fantastic bonus rounds, Road to riches, Wishing Well and Pot of Gold. If it’s Irish luck you are looking for with the Rainbow Riches Pots Of Gold game, then surely we must have more of a chance by playing at the most popular gaming company in Ireland.

We have mentioned previously our affection for playing Rainbow Riches at Paddy Power, if a Casino and games operator tick all the right boxes we will shout about it. We have moved Paddy Power Casino to our second slot on our site for their player incentives and customer service, more importantly they are second for providing the Rainbow Riches Pots Of Gold version of our favourite slot machine in the world.

Find out more about Paddy Power and their Rainbow Riches games by reading the review on our site (

If you do get a lucky irish rub please always play responsibly.

Win Big at Virgin Slots with Rainbow Riches in September

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

To all Rainbow Riches slot fans, this is an offer just for you, we have teamed up with the big V aka Virgin Casino to offer a monthly prize draw for September (and probably for ever) one lucky player will pick up a cool £200 extra in their pocket come the end of September when the prize draw is made.

Virgin are the number one casino on our site at present,  thus being for their all round player service, we have tried and tested these guys on so many aspects from a player perspective,  and they just keep coming out on top.

This is no mean feat considering the competition is hot on their heels, it’s no wonder Virgin Money sponsor the London marathon, this group of companies certainly know how to keep ahead of the competition for sure.

To be in with a chance of winning the monthly £200, pot simply sign up at Virgin Casino deposit a minimum of £10 and let us know,  you can find more information regarding this competition on our site here at  Rainbow Riches Slot

Remember as the old saying goes “You’ve got be in it to win it” and with the UK’s favorite online slot machine being of Irish descent, surely we are all in with a chance ?

For this competition and other great Rainbow Riches offers and Free play options, be sure to check out our site today, or even tomorrow, just make sure it’s soon, or you may just miss out on your Pots of Gold.