Rainbow Riches Fairylands Favourite Slot

Word has it that gambling has just been legalised in the ethereal realm of fairyland. Giants are playing games of Seven Card Stud and Unicorns are apparently real suckers for Baccarat. Whilst many casino games are popular with these folk, one slot game stands above all the other gambling games and that slot is the fabulous Rainbow Riches.

At first Rainbow Riches was a little known concept in Fairyland, but then the Leprechauns started with a massive PR campaign to win the hearts and minds of all the imaginary people who inhabit this unreal country. Not only did they run a huge TV campaign, they also ran a number of tombolas, fetes, pub evenings and had a special gala party called “An Audience with Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk”. This last event was a true tear up, with many of the top celebrities attending such as Mother Goose and the Three Bears.

Since the campaign nearly all the Leprechauns in Fairyland have been headhunted out of their marketing jobs to appear in the Rainbow Riches slots. Each individual slot machine requires its own Leprechaun to operate the Pathway feature for  (Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold) or the Shindig feature (for Rainbow Riches Win Big Shindig). As the game has become so popular most Leprechauns are employed working in these machines. A sad knock on effect of this job rush is that the PR and advertising offices are almost empty and running out of business in Fairyland, although many fantasy folk simply haven’t noticed as they are way too busy playing the Rainbow Riches slots.

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