Cold War Leprechauns stealing the gold

Our recent research has brought up nothing on Leprechauns being used as tools of war. However, as we are free to wildly speculate we would like to suggest that this complete absence of data on War Leprechauns is in fact the biggest indicator there is a massive plot somewhere involving Leprechauns as arbiters of doom.

One way Leprechauns could be coerced into war is by the governments involved in Leprechaun training stealing their pots of gold. This way the Leprechauns could be effectively held to ransom whilst they perform A-Team like covert ops until they rack up a lot of mission time on their cards.

Obviously Leprechauns would be good at certain tasks, such as disappearing, getting into small places and befuddling enemy soldiers with strange riddles. It’s also postulated that Leprechauns may be able to act as good PR guys for the army, as everyone loves the wry wit of the Irish, which can no doubt turn any ransacked, burning village into a pit of mirth, with disgruntled civilians suddenly seeing the funny side of life.

One thing for sure, any Leprechauns that were trained by the military haven’t made it into the Rainbow Riches slot games, Rainbow Riches Win Big Shindig and Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold. The Leprechauns in this game are totally without military agendas and codenames and are nothing but generous in the way they hand out prizes. We believe that any Leprechaun who had been held to ransom for their pots of gold would never, ever give any away again; such are the scars of war.

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