If the US changed it’s gambling laws it would have an economic benefit

A recent report has claimed that the USA could pocket a cool $22 Billion if it decided to open the doors to allow online gambling again legally.

These findings by H2, claim that by allowing US players to gamble online legally the economy would prosper and a plethora of jobs would become available, which is only going to benefit the US citizens.

It is also predicted that the growth could be as high as a $42billion purse by the year 2015, with the massive market of Sports betting included in these projections.

Simon Holliday who heads up H2, has suggested that their findings should finally be enough to make the Obama administration sit up and take notice. After all it should be about freedom of choice , should it not ? All monies made through the online channel will be going to offshore companies, it’s about time the US took back what rightfully belongs to them in tax benefits.

If the law changes and things are governed more strictly, it will finally give the US players a chance to play their favourite Irish themed slot Rainbow Riches online and the opportunity to Win Big Shindig. The clock is ticking down for when Virgin,Sky Vegas and Kerching open their doors to the best slots players in the world.

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