Who would win this fight?

One of our favourite sections on the popular TV show Harry Hill’s TV Burp is where they get two objects to fight in order to find out which one is best. So we decided to do our own version of this epic contest as we’re always wondering which slot machine is better; Da Vinci Diamonds or Rainbow Riches. As they say on the show, there’s only one way to sort this out… FIGHT!

Of course, you couldn’t actually get two slot machines to fight one another, especially not online slots, which don’t really exist except in the form of mathematical models sitting on a server somewhere near Croydon. So we think in order to make this contest a ‘go-er’ you’ll actually need to get a representation of each of these slots to fight; so that’s the Rainbow Riches leprechaun against the great renaissance artist, Leonardo Da Vinci. Of course, the leprechaun could get some serious training from someone like Barry McGuigan whereas Da Vinci would have to use a bit of time travel to get some serious fight advice from someone like Rocky Marciano.

So who would win in this epic toe-to-toe contest? Well, our money would have to be on the Rainbow Riches leprechaun, although he’s smaller than Da Vinci, you can just tell by the look in his eye that he’s really up for and his little dancing feet have the moves to carry him round the ring, landing shots on the Italian maestro. Why take our words for it however, as you can free play both these great slot games at the delectable Virgin Casino. Check out all of our casino bonuses on the home page of our site.